As the angels comes to repossess this broken soul and place it back to good order

Idd sooner a paki on my side that was the week that was…

On Monday sad news from Emily Johns saying her father John Rety died of a heart attack from Ian Bones blog come through, on Saturday was The launch of the Yorkshire Anarchist Group was held on 6th February 2010 in Bradford’s 1in12 Club, by the 8th The SCUM from AFED was taking out of context my words calling me a racist but we come to expect nothing else from them.

The same day was spent in the wonderful company of good friends the pixies, only to get home to more shit from The Middle Class and there efforts to ghost me from Sheffield, I was somewhat waisted by The Day The Earth Centre was open, alas some positives come from that day other than a phone call telling me it was all over where I had be hiding for the last couple of years, it might be a good thing to be kicked up me backside I had started to become comfortably numb change is good looking for the positive etc.

Me Monkey had quite a wonderful day in Leeds we needed to talk away from Sheffield the ghost that haunt us there, the images are here as the angels comes to repossess this broken soul and place it back to good order I needed space of the self to think so Thursday instead of running about in the normal self delusions of life I did just that, but I need to ask why was I given those fucking keys? Never mind into the River Don they shall go to much bullshit involved in getting that resolved to be frank..

The joy that is Ian Bones Blog never stops giving mind you, peace love and rage..

PS some people have become like magnolia boring and colour-less..

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