It is time for the radical tradition of Levelling to return to these shores and remove the parasitic scum that is the ruling class.

It’s only the opening leg in the oncoming election but the Anarchists have struck hard with a defeating blow served to the Tory Party, across the country a campaign of direct action has forced the Conservatives to remove all of their propaganda. But if the other parties think they can gleefully hide in the shadows at Cameron’s misfortune then they are sadly mistaken. We greatly welcome the launch of all Political Parties election campaigns – Labour, LibDems, BNP, UKIP etc etc – we will no longer serve as your slaves and will not tolerate our streets being littered with your filthy lies. It is time for the radical tradition of Levelling to return to these shores and remove the parasitic scum that is the ruling class. While we starve, you receive bonuses. While we work ourselves to the bone, you steal our money to clean your moats. The State is the problem not the solution. You are all the same. We will not be divided on race, belief or lifestyle. We are working class and proud.

To every freethinker, radical, true revolutionary and anarchist across Britain who wants to make a serious change then we ask you to fight the oncoming election campaign tooth and nail on two fronts – Firstly attacking, subverting, destroying any propaganda put out by all political parties as well as hassling any politicians on the streets etc, Secondly filling the void with anarchist ideas – from free local sheets, public meetings, rallies or community projects – putting into action our ideas on mutual aid and solidarity. The time for real radical change is NOW and as Anarchists we need to be the driving force of the revolutionary current. The opening victory against the Cameron posters shows us how small actions across the country can have a massive impact which were widely received with support from the public and a clear example of the current feelings of the time. But this is only the beginning and we must take it further.

The gauntlet has been thrown down.

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