The patronising begins..

HOBSON’S CHOICE 2010: The patronising begins if you are going to vote and fuck i ask you not to! It is hobsons choice see the movement of moof for an esacpe from all the patronising bullshit i have now taken to turning of the news and not even reading anything my mind needs to be free there will be a … new image a day some fresh some from the archive an escape from hobsons choice.

God, it’s going to be a long few months before the general election and we get the privilege of rubber stamping the next elected dictatorship. Does the mind not reel at the prospect of having to listen to week upon week upon bloody week of this kind of horse’s doings from the likes of Harriet Harman?

“We have to understand that we now have a new cohort of well, active, healthy older people. The role that they play in their families, in the economy and in society must be recognised and responded to. We must recognise the emergence of the “wellderly”.”

You can just picture the warm little thrill she got when she said that, can’t you? I bet she did her best ‘aren’t I clever’ look. I sometimes think that some people are against all-women shortlists for parliamentary seats for no other reason other than the fear that such a system might turn up another Harman.

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