Thank you for installing Phlegm v2.0

The past five or so years have been odd, for out mate and for us daddy of Sheffield graph lord Phlegm comic was never intended to be a career opportunity. He has worked for all sorts of companies as both illustrator and artist. Towards the end of last summer he was so confused by what he’d got myself into he was ready to delete his website and run away completely, then we met him on the street and part agreed with him but thank fuck he stayed this happened

Work by Phlegm near the bottom of The Moor in Sheffield. Excellent pix of the whole thing by Clydehouse here.

This spring (April) He will bringing out a very limited edition hand printed book called ‘no ideas’.Its regular paper size a4 and roughly thirty pages long. A collection of pages from all nine of my old phlegm zines, work from recent unpublished comic projects, and some work designed specifically for the book. He will only printing 100 of them so he can keep it super personal, hand signed and numbered… 100% diy.

The book will include hand painted elements, multi coloured screen prints, an etching or two, even a pop up page! All printed on a variety of paper and card stock. The book price will be around twenty five pounds, what 25 pounds well fuck off in our book worth the cost, we know the hard hard work involved, how is has been locked in a Dark Dark Dark room with only a 50 wat light bulb.

Truth is he is a hermit, never wanted to be a fancy pants artist, was just feel passionate about making his comics. He’ll still be painting walls but He’ll not be letting any of that side of what he dose touch a gallery, mainly because in his words.

click to enlarge.

I’ve honestly never seen (or been in) a street

art exhibition that’s not been a bit shit.

So, away! with the boring chit chat and on with 2010. This is the first project he has wanted to get going for a while but it’s taken an e-on to get started. Will be a super limited edition of phlegm past and present completely screen printed by hand. It’s going to be called ‘no ideas’ and will be released some time in the spring. The book will be printed on a variety of interesting stock papers using all sorts of inks. Because of the work and the cost he will be having to do an edition of only one hundred. The format is regular paper size a4. It’s going to be roughly 25-35 pages long. The retail price is going to be quite high because it has parts he will have inked by his own hand, multi coloured prints and even a pop up page! He has started a reserve list for people who are desperate to make sure they get one, so just email him to get put your name down for one. The email is

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