If not utopia then anarchy?

Disappointed Is a feeling of a cunt and when in the company of others I become what I dislike, with me myself and one all is fine with the world, give me shit coffee on a Saturday in an overpriced, overrated establishment then I start calling for Greasy Vera’s, here a van stood for over 40 years as it said it served greasy food to the working class, there was no need for it to change, as the gentrification of Sheffield has gone on, Greasy Vera’s is no more.


Just the same as Woodside, an estate up the road from said van, in Sheffield demolished now the land stands empty, and on frozen day it seems a right place to wander, as anarchism has failed the working class just the same as New Labour fucked over the people of Woodside, from 2002 I have been walking up there for my own solace just like a George Orwell would have done when he was in Sheffield at the time of him writing Road to Wigan Pier, reading Ian Bone’s Blog and this comment I have abridged:


Orwells’ ‘Road to Wigan Pier’ was written 60 years gone. Part II seems like it could be juxtaposed (ah! sorry psudointellectualism), it could be applied to the state of (or to be fare, perceptions of) much of the radical left today in many senses. ‘Bearded, sandal wearing fruit juice drinkers,’ is a phrase that springs to mind. Much of what disillusioned me with the @’s during the mid to late 80’s.


Now i don’t want to trivialise climate change or practices perpetrated on pinky & perky down on animal farm but you know when I wander around south London I see people struggling with staying alive. People who squat not as a lifestyle choice, the mentally ill abandoned with their troubles, pensioners eaking out their meagre allowances, folk eating out of discarded Mcdonald’s bags, the obligatory sleeping bags & cardboard in shop doorways, addicts hustling for the next fix, minimum wagers juggling jobs, disaffected and disempowered youth hanging on corners (just replace hoods n trainers with flat caps and clogs and it looks like the 1930’s.)


Climate change and equal rights for mink are a million miles away from here, where getting through to tomorrow is the first order of the day. The working/underclass would be right to feel abandoned by all, even by the traditional champions of their interests who appear to have the luxury of vanguarding on ‘issues.’ It appears that If ALF’ers or Plane Stupid, for example, achieved their ambitions they would be satisfied, having hacked off the limbs of the beast that offended them they would be able to return to the comfort of their existence within a system that remains unchanged for those beneath. I and I presume those around me on the estates of south London can only consider that those who channel their energies into such groups (consciences assuaged) must be content with my/our position in the structure of an unequal society.
I reject theses groups and make a call, not to amputate the tentacles of the beast that offend but instead to decapitate it and leave the body to wither.


Fuck the system that has Fucked us for so long, could not agree more but I desire anarchy not anarchism and yes I must also stop being a cunt to those who love me and aim it more at people who deserve it, sometimes change is good other times it can leave you disappointed some days I feel this and nowhere in Sheffield is there such a kick in the head as Woodside it demonstrates the slow loss of the working class this leaves me frustrated.

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