Smashed: A window of the house was broken in the attack

Ian Bone has no hesitation in nominating those working class heroes who smashed SIR FRED’S window as committing the RADICAL ACT OF THE YEAR. The Daily Mail headline ‘FAT CATS IN TERROR AS ANT-CAPITALISTS SMASH BANKERS WINDOWS’ glimpsed a hopeful future. That future did not happen – people whinged and moaned but failed to act. Sir Fred’s smashed window remained in isolation. But that was not the fault of the window smashers..they lit a spark that could have turned into a flame. Their act reminded me of the Angry Brigade in many ways – ‘we’ve acted now its down to you- we aint gonna do it for you’. Sometimes a smashed window – a small act of defience – can act as a catalyst. There’ll be other windows in 2010 -other opportunities in a Class War election – other possibilities taking different forms. Whatever the spark the flame will have to be mass action on the streets – The Fire Next Time. WINDOW SMASHERS OF EDINBURGH – Ian Bone SALUTES YOU.

Here is our top five of course

No One Iran

(but let us think out the box is this an uprising?)


No two it has to be Greace

fuck thay want Anarchy not Anarchism

Not until we see the streets burn with rage fury and anger at the death of the working class shall we rest, Ian Tomlinson’s MURDER at G20 protests anarchism uk failed the working class once more we want anarchy not bureaucratised anarchism.


No Three Copenhagen

I sit here, in a friend’s house, writing this down in a fairly relaxed manner. They round up a lot of my friends right, now, in Liberty City, attacking them and dragging them off to The Cage, but I am fairly safe, since my friend isn’t on Gestapo’s list over my friends or even acquaintances (I hope). My arm is in a sling. It hurts, and the painkillers cloud my mind, but I am pleased to say that the Burning inside is still there, stronger than ever.

No four Weds 1st April: G20 protests london


No five We Love The Earth Center

A group of activists took apple action and liberated a haul of delicious fruits from the abundant forest gardens at the derelict earth centre. Weeks of meaningless promises and blatant lies from Doncaster Council led the group of harvesters to take action This may seem like a small feat but as numbers and support grows the move to reclaim the land at the earth centre is getting closer!


Meanwhile there is talk of a hung parliament next election leads us to a thought lets hope in the true meaning, and while there can we begin with the parasites of The Middle Class and hang them along the side of all MPs as said hate is far to polite for how we feel about The Middle Class lets make 2010 the year we begin to make them history?

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