Akmal Shaikh Just working class cannon fodder for the imperialists war on the working class

Tuesday 29 December I awoke put the radio on and as I lay there in a warm bed the news that Akmal Shaikh, 53, a father-of-three from London, was executed in China after being convicted of drug smuggling despite claims he was mentally ill, having Bipolar myself I very much disagree with the name mentally ill, it is an ugly illness agreed.

I am not in favour of the death penalty, not even for mass – murderers. After all, did Jesus of Nazareth not tell us to spare the sinner, or cast the first stone if we have never sinned? The Chinese authorities take a different view; after all, did the British and French imperialists not seek to weaken their society by selling them hard drugs not so long ago? The memory of the opium trade may still be fresh in the minds of their officials. I find it a crime that a Akmal Shaikh who may had Bipolar is being made to pay the price of those past wrongs.

It left me cold inside, what must it be like? for the thousands on Death Row across the world, and here is the grand hypocrisy..

Foreign Office Minister Ivan Lewis told the ambassador “China had failed in its basic human rights responsibilities.”

Just the same as Briton has done in the illegal occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan where the working class have lost there life’s, meanwhile we still not condone The Israeli apologists who say, in yet another desperate attempt at diversion that there are victims on both sides, and that is undoubtedly true, but lets state the obvious, what’s fortunately becoming obvious for quite a few people these days: Israel is the aggressor. Israel is the BAD GUY here. So let’s focus on Israel’s numerous atrocities, on Israel’s utter disregard for anything resembling humanity..

One year on from The Mass Murder of 1417 people were killed, including at least 318 children, we remember Gaza Iraq and Afghanistan, as Iran hits the news we need also to raise some concern of events happening there, we need to ask is this an uprising? from the people or one that is been orchestrated from the same imperialists who 30 years ago to this date was over in Afghanistan was helping the Taliban and Al-Qaeda fight the Russian invasion and Ivan Lewis says “China had failed in its basic human rights responsibilities.” for hundreds of years capitalism has failed the working class perhaps we need to make it history?

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