After the Greek Riots

Anti-repression demonstration in Athens ends; cops still surrounding the Propylea buildings; attempts to close down the Law school radio station; Resalto arrestees’ bails run into tens of thousands of euros

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The anti-repression demo that had been called for in Athens ended a few hours ago. Called by far-leftist groups (EEK, Network for Social and Political Rights, and others – sorry if forgetting someone and please add!) the demo was also joined by many anarchists. The cops, for a second concecutive night, were provokatedly standing in front of the courtyard of the Athens University buildings on Panepistimiou Street, blocking the demonstrators’ access to the academic asylum. This, after the fabricated “lethal” attack against the Director of the University of Athens: As we have said already, two Occupied London contributors witnessed the director leaving the area holding his head – but with no sight of any blood, let alone the “heart attack” he supposedly suffered. And yet this “lethal” attack has been used as a perfect pretext for a full-on attack on the academic asylum: Other university directors have openly announced their willingless to reconsider the asylum; already, the Law School’s administration has decided to force-evict the student radio hosted on its premises and to ban the use of its facilities for any “non-academic” purposes.

Meanwhile, the bail for the released comrades from Resalto is running into tens of thousands of euros (18-20,000)  and there is an urgent need to raise funds for their support. More info will be published here very soon.

About the open selforganized space “Resalto”

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Keratsini is the municipality, where the police raided the anarchist space Resalto and then raided the occupied town Hall as well, arresting 22 in Resalto and 41 in the Town Hall. Until now, some are set free and some other remain in the hands of the police. The Municipal Council of Keratsini published the following resolution (the translation is unofficial):

Resolution No 284

After the sad incidents that took place in our city, the Municipal Council of Keratsini with majority (with Mr Dimitrios Moyrikis and Mrs Sophia Thomarei having the opinion that their submitted resolution should be accepted) decided:

1st/ We declare that we do not tolerate in our city the state repression for political actions and acts.

2nd/ We denounce the attack of the police at the political space RESALTO of Keratsini and at the Town Hall.

3rd/ The political movement RESALTO functions and activates itself in our city with political, artistic, cultural and other events.

4th/ We ask that the 64 arrested citizens that were arrested in our city are set free.

5th/ We declare that no offense or destruction did not take place in the town Hall.

6th/ The move of entry in the Town hall by the 42 arrested for us is a clearly political action and we accept it.

7th/ We denounce the mass media that twisted and counterfeited the facts consciously or due to false information.

8th/ The Administration of the Municipality should organizes a press conference in order to restore the truth, because in our city we consider the political actions legitimate.


1/ Minister of Protection of Citizen
2/ Minister Internal Affairs and Decentralisation
3/ Attorney’s office of Piraeus
4/ Media


The 41 arrested in the Town Hall were set free yesterday afternoon.

The 22 arrested from Resalto were set free today at 6.30 am. They were recieved by people in solidarity and family that were standing outside the court of Piraeus. Four are set free without conditions, one has to pay a bail of 15000 euro, two have to pay 5000 euro each, six have to pay 3000 euro each, and the rest with other restrictions (can’t leave the country, have to be present at a police station every some days).

State and parastate working together…

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

In the video we see the police and hooded people with them to swear against the demonstrators and not allowing them to continue the demo:

Who are these people mr. minister of protection of citizen? Are they protectors of the citizen too?

The minister said that during the demonstrations the police didn’t even scratch any of the demonstrators!



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