Sheffield Publicity Department VIEW NUMBER ONE: SKYE EDGE

The first maps are out now, the map will take you to Skye Edge. It’s one of the sweetest views in the city, and one of the easiest, too. It starts just behind Sheffield station, is two miles there and back, and will take you about an hour to walk.

Sheffield is a city of epic, beautiful views. Every time you go out of your back door, and down through the alley to your street, there’s one in front of you. Every time you leave work at the end of the day, you go round the corner, and you can’t get away from it. This is a city that you can see, that you can look over. You can put your hands out and feel the contours. You can look back at your history, where you used to live, the hill you walked up every day, where your friends lived. You can look at the parts of the city you haven’t been to yet, and imagine what it will be like when you get up there.

The map and some more here Sheffield Publicity Department

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