Shame on you Ed Miliband, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate change

Friday the 27th Nov – Doncaster climate hearing, more like doncaster green wash! This event was organised by Oxfam, some very good people attended and its fantastic that local people are addressing issues that we all face and talking about ways to be sustainable, unfortunatley there was ‘a wave’ of insincerity from a few but this doesn’t matter working together does!

We love the Earth Centre campaigners went along to pose the question to our MP for Climate Change and Energy –

Why has a multi-million pound sustainable living education centre been left to rot for five years?

From Mr Miliband’s response it seemed strange that he showed very little knowledge of the Earth Centre, curious since we’ve contacted his offices and his colleague, Denaby MP Caroline Flint, neither has responded. Considering Milband’s job title you would think that he would have recognised the significance and true potential of this amazing resource and beautiful space. Also you would think that he would be aware that the MOD are looking to aquire a sustainable living education centre in his area, however he is from oxford!!

Local community projects in Denaby struggle to access funding because the Earth Centre swallowed up the quota in the area and this still has reprecusions five years on. Resources were mysteriously flying out of the Earth Centre in the end and we would like to know where they went too as millions were spent on them.

We say reopen the Earth Centre and allow the community to benefit from its resources rather than having to watch the Police and MOD training with guns and dogs and wargame enthusiasts running about with pretend machine guns and smoke screens.

Ed Miliband this is a time for truth, no more greenwash!

We came to the meeting to let people know about The Campaign to Reclaim The Earth Centre, we think it hugely significant to local people and climate change discussion. It was a multimillion pound sustainable living education centre and has been left to rot and ruin for five years by a council that took it on with the agreement to maintain it for educational purposes, they have neglected their responsibilities and seem to have utter disregard for the local community and the local environment.

We felt it important to ask Mr Milibland why this amazing resource so significant in this current climate been left to rot for 5 years. Also why is an educational facility that was built using lottery money and therefore should be for the benefit of the people now used as a wargame playground by CerebusAirsoft, Police and MOD.?

We also took the opportunity to ask why exactly Mr Miliband has chosen to endorse 10 new nuclear power plants. The prospect of ten new nuclear power stations here on our little island is a terrifying thought, we have children to think of it is extremely dangerous and has a disgusting impact on the environment and future generations, we have to learn from history! Nuclear is not and has never been a viable option it requires uranium for starters which is mined out of the ground and will run out and where exactly does he plan to put all the waste?

We are happy that we had our chance to have our say after all that’s what Oxfam was asking people to do! We felt that Mr Miliband was insincere and passed responsibility of the Earth Centre matter to his colleague Caroline Flint, he seemed to have very little knowledge of the site which seems very strange give his job title and the fact that we’ve contacted his offices prior to this regarding this very matter. Nevertheless we gained support from local people who have now taken active roles in our campaign.

We’re sure that there will be many opinions shared and debated during the reclaim the earth centre campaign and after but my partner and I feel strongly that the only way is for everyone to slow down, stop consuming, work together and wake up to the deception of government propaganda and lies.

With regards to some people finding us a disturbance, we feel it more disturbing that people are swallowing the greenwash and allowing their liberties and children’s future to be taken away. This is a time for truth, unity, love and respect for ourselves, each other and the environment.

Public meeting to decide the future of the Earth Centre all are welcome its to be held at the Denaby and Cadeby Miners Welfare Club, Tuesday 15th Dec at 7pm

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