The Conisbrough Viaduct (parts one and two).

This mother of a Viaduct is now part of The Trans Pennine Trail it just had to be done, walking down under was quite special then into a field and you get the span of  The Conisbrough Viaduct – built with 15 million bricks in 1906-7 this massive structure carried passenger trains across the Don Gorge until 1951. With 21 arches, 14 to the north side of its iron girder section and seven to the south, Conisbrough Viaduct formed part of a connection between the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway and those of the Great Northern and Great Eastern. At 1,584 feet in length, it is truly a Goliath structure built of 15million bricks – each one put in place by contractors Henry Lovat Ltd, who used an aerial cradle – called a ‘blondin’ – to carry men and materials across the river during its construction.

We was expecting to have to do a bit of old rail trespass, no it has now a path going along, and doing a search seems the place to end your days and jump, we walked over the goliath structure looking over the river don, onto Cadeby quarry where we had come from, i know this is not urban explration but it was left from 1951 to 2005 going to rot with the lines in place then opened up for walkers on to the images.

On a Sunshine Winters Day

On a overcast Winters Day..

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