Sheffield: Residents Against Station Closure

Keep Sheffield Station open to the public!!! by m.o.o.f.

Residents Against Station Closure are a pressure group uniting a wide range of groups, individuals, organisations and communities, in a campaign to stop East Midlands Trains installing barriers at Sheffield Station. Ticket barriers will prevent many people walking through the station to gain access to the city centre or the tram stop which is at the back of the station. They have just announced plans to meet next Monday…

Keep Sheffield Station open to the public!!! by m.o.o.f.

The Planning Board are going to meet on Monday November 23rd at 2pm to make a decision regarding East Midlands Trains proposal to install barriers at the station and block our access to the bridge. We will be meeting outside the Town Hall at 1.15pm to lobby the councillors as they go in. Please bring banners and anything that will make a loud noise!

There will be speeches outside from some of the different organisations that have objected. At 2pm we will be going inside to listen to the debate and support the people making our case. Please come and join us. Hope to see you there.

More details can be found on their website; please offer your support in any way you can.

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