Psychedelic Monkey Rainbow Nirvana Loveboat to Heeley (part 2 the update)

Very early on it became apparent that MOOF had a keen appreciation of art, when he was caught shoplifting a Constable reprodutction from Woolworths in 1974. He sought a means of self-expression with early exhibitions such as Criminal Damage causing a degree of controversy. Graduating from St Martin’s College in 1991 (along with close friend and collaborator Jarvis Cocker), MOOF went on to stun the art world with a series of provocative exhibitions, including Napalm and Pussy, Death to the Middle Classes, Shiregreen Working Primates and Psychedelic Monkey Rainbow Nirvana Loveboat to Heeley.

With his post-punk philosophy and Marxist Pagan post-industrial fusion of nihilism and love, MOOF has both delighted and challenged his audiences. MOOF has never failed to thrill me with his amazing exhibitionism. He has produced some of the most beautiful images I have ever seen.

David Blunkett 2009

Attending an MOOF exhibition ranks alongside having one’s toenails ripped out by the Kyrgyzstan Secret Police on my list of pleasurable experiences. He has done wonders in dragging the Sheffield scene down to its current squalid and decadent state.  With his extreme portrayals of degradation, hopelessness and despair MOOF paints a bleak picture of the human condition.  No other artist has used electric cattle-prods and rubber chickens to such great effect.

unknown 2009.

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