Things are dying but one is still alive..

In the parks I mean, It’s that time of the year, isn’t it? When Winter casts about it’s first cold indifferent glances that say, Yes, I know the autumnal colours are pretty. Their ass is dried up grass, and I’m a lawnmower! But it’s okay, there’s still beauty in the dead and dying… decaying infrastructure around us urban and bucolic exploration is a subject dedicated to the subversion of space via the exploration of local places in which capital is temporarily absent or in which capitalist functionality is suffocated by the presence of the marvellous. This was the intention for my our own expeditions into these places and to publish photographs These pages are meant to be a path to various unseen, lost, of limit and just forgotten parts of human civilisation The results are untold amounts of derelict and forgotten places that pepper every corner of our world from factories, and transport networks to bunkers tunnels and mines, ive been doing little of urban exploration of late got to caught up in other matters

Yorkshire Anarchist Group

No barriers at Sheffield station give back our access to the bridge..

Bringing The Earth Centre back to life

The Botanic Gardens. and a new apilication for its Proposed: Demolition

There is the intent more than ever to pull something big out of the bag, to be frank the weather has not been of help, what one is thinking about needs no rain a clear dry day, there are others in Sheffield things will be resolved..

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