The Anarchist Federation are SCUM..

So the want to be vanguard The Anarchist Federation condemns the group Unite Against Fascism (UAF) who, on Saturday 31st October at a mobilisation against the English Defence League (EDL) in Leeds city centre, openly handed one of there members over to the police. Several UAF stewards, including the head of UAF Leeds, physically prevented there member (mother farther shall pay the fine) from rejoining the cordon, and then called the police over to arrest him (lol now they know how it feels to be grassed).

They will not tolerate collaboration with the state (some work in the prison service and probation) to halt the activity of genuine anti-fascists and ask other progressive organisations to do the same. UAF’s policy of negotiating with the state for its public protests is well known, as is its alliance with religious leaders, trade union bureaucrats and politicians. UAF, apart from being nothing more than a front group for the Socialist Workers Party, has never been an effective means to combat the rise of fascism in Britain nor does it offer anything to working class communities.

Likewise with The Anarchist Federation The UAF and The SWP are as much the enemy as the Police, The BNP, organised religion etc and should be treated as such, this is very much a its another example that the UAF/SWP/The Anarchist Federation showing how there not only an ineffective organisation for challenging fascism but actively try and prevent such a challenge.

It stresses the desperate need for alternative modes of organising ourselves, in order to mount a serious, unambiguous challenge to fascism. This is something some anarchist have known for to long, we are not sheep so not or feel the need to attend demo’s, the only means to challenge to fascism is working within and engaging with local community’s, The Anarchist Federation (Sheffield) proclaim to have done this from The Self Organised community resistance against Tesco on Commonside and other actions they have come along saying those victory’s are down to them, underclassrising have not seen them other than en ageing with there own class The Middle Class at Sheffield University for our class to be truly free we need to understand not only the far left but likewise the likes of  The Anarchist Federation our class will not be organised there are no leaders for the free.

Fascism is a complete abdication of personal responsibility. You are surrendering all responsibility for your own actions to the state in the belief that in unity there is strength, which was the definition of fascism represented by the original Roman symbol of the bundle of bound twigs. yes, it is a very persuasive argument: “In unity there is strength.” But inevitably people tend to come to the conclusion that the bundle of twigs will be much stronger if all the twigs are of a uniform size and shape[.] So it goes from “in unity there is strength” to “in uniformity there is strength”, and from there it proceeds to the excess of fascism as we’ve seen them excercise throughout the twentieth century and into the twenty-first.

Now anarchy, on the other hand, is almost starting from the principle that “in diversity there is strength”, which makes more sense from the point of view of looking at the natural world. [sic] The whole program of evolution seems to be to diversify, because in diversity there is strength.

And if you apply that on a social level, you get something like anarchy. Everybody is recognised as having their own abilities, their own particular agendas, and everybody has their own need to work cooperatively with other people.

Alan Moore Magpie’s book

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