Fascism is a complete abdication of personal responsibility

Fascism is a complete abdication of personal responsibility. You are surrendering all responsibility for your own actions to the state in the belief that in unity there is strength, which was the definition of fascism represented by the original Roman symbol of the bundle of bound twigs. yes, it is a very persuasive argument: “In unity there is strength.” But inevitably people tend to come to the conclusion that the bundle of twigs will be much stronger if all the twigs are of a uniform size and shape[.] So it goes from “in unity there is strength” to “in uniformity there is strength”, and from there it proceeds to the excess of fascism as we’ve seen them excercise throughout the twentieth century and into the twenty-first.

Now anarchy, on the other hand, is almost starting from the principle that “in diversity there is strength”, which makes more sense from the point of view of looking at the natural world. [sic] The whole program of evolution seems to be to diversify, because in diversity there is strength.

And if you apply that on a social level, you get something like anarchy. Everybody is recognised as having their own abilities, their own particular agendas, and everybody has their own need to work cooperatively with other people.

Alan Moore Magpie’s book

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