Even anarchist have Mothers..(Pisgah House Update)

Hand in his Mother’s, the anarchist walked into a well known shop, moments later the big fat lad had a bag of sweets and was still asking his mother: “what are those Nasty Anarchists doing looking at me?”. We have seen temper tantrums before but what made this was a friend busking the incidental music to Trumpton, the part about the music is true, the other bits are a fabrication of the truth – a little at least.

Meantime Sheffield University will be thinking who did take those bolt cutters to their locks? as they plan to chop down a Sequoia Red Wood (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sequoia) of 50 years old, and trash the rest of the secret gardens, we have the images and can still gain access this is far from over, the war has just begun and if you feel like having a walk around then contact us, the more people see what is planned the more pressure on

Neal Cameron Head of Estates

Deparment of Estates

University of Sheffield

Arts Tower

Western Bank

Sheffield S10 2TN

PHONE 0114 222 9100

Pisgah House is a Grade II listed (will be saved see 09/03207/CAC) residence constructed in the 1820’s, tucked away in a quiet backwater (Pisgah House Road) at the top end of Hoole Rd. It is next door to the Etruria House Hotel, which is also a listed building. Pisgah House has a fine 2-story coach house which is itself a listed building.

To the rear garden of Pisgah House is part of the Botanic Garden on the Tapton Experimental Gardens site. It houses a significant portion of the plant collection. When the Tapton site is redeveloped, whatever public open space remains on the site will adjoin Pisgah House’s garden.

This New aplication will see The Demolition of existing student halls of residence, annex, associated building including temporary structures around experimental gardens and Nos. 26, 28 & 30 Taptonville Road.

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