Getting locked in is no fun.

Allright in a pub it might be, there we are in the Secret Gardens hugging the trees in spelbound wonder at the place, we would have been there longer but hello what are you doing, we have a chat and seems we come near to been locked in.. hello is that the police? yes we are locked in at the secret gardens, this aside this is rather a fucking wonderful place – trees over 300 years old stand in their majesty but then that’s trees for you, here they created plants to re-take the earth from humans, all triffid like it was.

The aim was to take some more images, but being caught there are only a few, i’ll no doubt do another early morning creep around, what is it with the structures of babylon we create the most wonderful follies then destroy them, from the Earth Centre in Doncaster, but at least if you take a look here Crookesmoor Church this has been saved works starts next year and northern eye have asked me to use some of my images and go take more and talking of places been saved word has it the funding is to be given for the old Abbeydale Cinema.

As Demolition work started on Doncaster’s former Odeon Cinema to make way for a new development. The historic cinema was sold to Lazarus Properties in March and approval was given for plans for a development of shops, restaurants, a gym and casino. The Theatres Trust had objected to the plan, stating the art deco building was in fitting with the area’s heritage.

A £200,000 state-of-the-art telescopic boom has been brought in to aid the demolition which started on Monday. The demolition is expected to be completed by Christmas with work starting on the £10m development in the new year. Campaign group The Friends of Doncaster Odeon had also called for the property to be granted Grade II listed status to protect it from demolition, but this was rejected by English Heritage. The cinema has been vacant since its final film was shown in April.

It opened as the Gaumont Theatre in 1934 and was one of the last to change its name to the Odeon in 1987. It was a popular music venue in the 1950s and 1960s, hosting The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Buddy Holly.

I only hope they was growing plants to reclaim the earth from us crass humans in those Secret Gardens.

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