There’s nowt like a good uprising (Yorkshire Anarchist Group) are proud to be involved with a new venture for Yorkshire, the Yorkshire Anarchist Group.

Hailing from Sheffield we know how difficult it can be for anarchists from Yorkshire’s smaller cities and towns (not to mention villages). As the yorkshire anarchist group say…

Yorkshire Anarchist Group.


The Yorkshire Anarchist Group (YAG) was created partly to bring together divergent groups and individuals who are scattered throughout Yorkshire’s ridings in the hope that we can work more efficiently by presenting a united front, but also to provide an umbrella for people and groups in the smaller towns that make up a significant proportion of our region’s demographic profile. All too often important struggles and campaigns go unsupported because attention is focused on a few key cities. This is not intended as a criticism of the people who are doing some amazing things in those cities, but we could have a few more ’successes’ under our belts if we sometimes lend a hand to our less fortunate neighbours – a kind of ‘mutual aid’ for activists.

YAG is not seen as an alternative to the strategies and initiatives that currently exist in Yorkshire, rather it is an attempt to bring together diverse (and dispersed…) talents and resources to strengthen and expand upon what already exists.

A county-wide support network  could make a real difference in Yorkshire and we strongly recommend that any Yorkshire based individuals or groups who enjoy our blog – and even those who don’t enjoy it, but read it anyway… – show their support and join the YAG. After all, there’s nowt like a good uprising

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