The Squatting of Pisgah House.. What did it acheve then?

The efforts of people in Broomhill to introduce some fresh thinking into the development proposals for The Tapton Hall of Residence and Experimental Gardens site has, predictably, fallen on deaf ears and a new planning application has now been submitted. The new plans still involve building on the garden     people in Broomhill will be vigorously opposing them. The proposals for demolition of the existing buildings on the site are open for comment until 9th November.

The new plans for the site are pretty much the same as the previous plans and do nothing to conserve the historic gardens and the plant collection on the site. See for yourself by visiting the council’s online planning website; full details of the new proposal are given alongside the application for permission to demolish the existing buildings. Please submit comments on the demolition plans.

The people in Broomhill will be doing everything in our power to convince the planning board to refuse permission for this development. If you can volunteer to help out with leafletting, publicity, fundraising, viral marketing or anything else that might help our case, please email

What all this is about? Goto this artical the-squatting-of-pisgah-house to read more on the history and past. The Secret Garden was saved from redevelopment as a housing estate last year, thanks to the BANG’s vigorous and well-supported campaign to oppose planning permision for the site.

Hallam Towers

Mean while up the road and despite numerous objections and comments the Planning Board approved the proposals for redevelopment of the Hallam Towers site at their meeting on 1 November 2009. The people in Broomhill made comments about the overdevelopment of the site and the poor mix of housing did not get much discussion at the meeting. On balance community comments were against the development, though there were a number of  residents who thought that the revised proposals were acceptable and that the development should be approved.

Known in the 1970’s as the Hallam Towers Hotel (Hallam being an old term for the Sheffield area) … this high rise hotel was later known as the Post House. Being a high rise, it was controversial when it was built in this ‘traditional suburb’ of Sheffield, and still is today .The man who owns it is called Hague….he owns half of Bradfield……We cannot say for sure but go and look at the waterworks across (he owns that!!) from the plough pub and that might be what you are destined for. He has history of buying place and letting them run down!!!…why we dont know.

This has been going some some years plans to build homes on the site of a landmark former Sheffield hotel have been approved. The distinctive white Hallam Tower hotel, on Manchester Road, Broomhill, will be converted into an apartment block, while a four-storey block will also be built on the land, along with eleven three-storey townhouses. Initial plans were first proposed three years ago but have been amended since, with the scale of new buildings being reduced, layout changed and gardens improved. The initial proposals were for 163 properties.

Under the approved plans, the original tower will be radically altered, with an extra floor at the rear, but reduced in storeys at the front, giving it a stepped appearance. It will be fitted with a metal framework, covered with cladding, and turned into 83 one and two bed apartments. Other areas of the site have also been re-modelled, with the town houses taking the form of a crescent.

However, the new plans met with opposition from local residents, about 10 of whom attended the meeting.

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