The Sunday Monday Weekday Blues..

It was not going well the wind rain was blowing on the windows, I left as the sunshine broke through the aim was to goto The Earth Centre, public transport and the lack of put pay to this thought so a no 40, it goes on a disagreement of where I was going, I leave the bus, no fucking power in the camera a walk back home then, happy I had the DAB player on me and I took much the same path I have walked in endless times in the past, I read more reports of the EDL in Leeds it soon turns to dusk and the dark takes over, I wrap up warm the aim was to get the bike come back home and sleep the winter cold has come to stay within me for a while, but the Tom Rodwell gig looms back in the mind, this is the first time I have herd Roy Harper I would have been six in 1971 at a Children home.


Now aged 44 I here for the first time, as I walk to The Monkeys with Roy Harper, I watch some shit Sunday night TV, on me bike I make me way to The Rude Shipyard, there has been reports of how good the place is and with pints of Sheffield Brewery IPA some wicked blues it worked, at 3 am in the morning I try to ride the bike in a drunken move, I give up that thought and in a very drunken haze I walk home.


The cold and hangover wake with me, I feel rough as shit and I look just the same, there are some good images from The Rude Shipyard and Tom Rodwell and today I have been feeling rather sorry for myself but I have looked into Roy Harper all it confirms I could just sit there playing tunes like this, today I have the blues, Sunday turned out to be a good day but no fucking trains to The Earth Centre might have been how shit happens but the fact remains public transport is no longer fucking public and the bus driver on the no 40 it was Fullwood.

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  1. The rude shipyard is great! I had breakfast there a few weeks ago!

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