Opposing Fascism Opposing The EDL Opposing The Red Fascism of The SWP..(no 2)

The election of two British National Party (BNP) candidates in the June elections to the European Parliament was the first national election success for fascists in British history. We have already seen some of the consequences of the BNP’s election. There has been increased BNP media coverage including the BBC announcing it would invite Nick Griffin, the leader of the BNP to appear on Question Time.

Even more concerning, is a dramatic rise in overtly anti-Muslim demonstrations of The EDL using slogans like ‘No more Mosques’, and racist and Islamophobic attacks including murders of Muslim people. As Ken Livingstone and John Denham MP said, such demonstrations are reminiscent of fascist demonstrations against Jewish communities in the 1930s.


The Speakers was:
Chair: John Campbell, Sheffield Unite Against Fascism
Paul Scriven, Leader of Sheffield City Council
Bishop John Rawsthorne, Bishop of Hallam
Aisha “Special K”, Manager of Sheffield Race Equality Council
Paul Blomfield, Labour Party candidate for Sheffield Central
Hafsah Qureshi, Sheffield University Islamic Circle
Leroy, Young Persons’ LGBT Action Group – Global in association with Chilypep

See https://projectsheffield.wordpress.com for further thoughts
also http://www.antifa.org.uk/nucleus3.32/nucleus332/index.php?itemid=208


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