It is of course more about Class than Climate All this and a pirate ship.

There,s definitely some feeling of loss somewhere in us, the lack off free, un commercial space that people can use to congregate socially creativity & politically in this city is absolutely deadening.

Every corner is an imposing tower of glass, some kind of fucked up of monument to obscene excess, leering over the passers by, while mammon snares a look, her people are killed because the things of they build in her praise.

Scurrying past, Scurrying on…. in a city of urban paranoia then they ask why we are un well? As we watch “the specture of the feast”

This is how I feel on The Earth Centre, I have done an urban exploration due to the fact she was an empty post industrial space, I had no clue what lay further if I had walked, there was info there of the use by pricks with guns it did not bother myself it was just the images I was wanting but I have seen more in the last few weeks and this place in words needs us to take action.

I wake on Monday 26 Oct 2009 and  there was action at Mainshill, digger-diving at Shipley in Derbyshire and Didcot Power Station in Oxfordshire shut down all this morning, it is clear that direct action against new coal is gaining momentum – no new coal?!

I stand by the fact one is more about Class than Climate, I support those taken action to stop slow the down the RAPE OF MOTHER EARTH those who act to RECLAIM THE EARTH no matter there class we are all caretakers of MOTHER EARTH and we must must act, regards Climate Change I stay still a sceptic.

“Protestors at didcot power station in oxfordshire have blocked the coal conveyors and have scaled the chimney. if by blocking the conveyors they manage to get the plant turned off, they’re going to abseil down inside the chimney. ETA: I’m so pleased to see a couple of things. First it was an action planned in secret, so it stood a chance of working. I’m not totally opposed to the mass public direct action model of the climate camp / swoop etc., but it only really makes sense as a practice / training exercise. also, thank god this isn’t an E.on station. climate change is bigger than E.on so, no cups of tea today, or you might switch off a hospital by accident” (urban 75)

I agree with much of what is said here, might have disagrement on Climate Change? but for a an action what a good one yes opposed to the mass public direct action model of the climate camp / swoop etc more of this and it might just get those who are rapeing Mother Earth for profit not need think more about there actions, That we the defenders of this Earth will stand up.

On Friday 23rd october at 1pm Defenders of the Earth Centre met, there to greet us were two local bobbies and a council representative, we think they were fairly convinced it was going to be squatted 23rd october.

There is alot of business interest in the earth centre site and it is now more important than ever that people come together to stop this amazing resource from been sold and lost we propose that the site be handed to the community as an asset transfer and that the space be used for education, training an skillshare centre, low impact dwelling spaces, cafe and organic food shop, youth club, mums and toddler group, community allotment and gardens, bushcraft, solar cinema, cider brewery, nature reserve, bee keeping, alternative therapies, conference/meeting facilities and spaces, music events, recycling centre and much much more 100% of the locals we have spoke with so far are supportive of our aims to reclaim it as a community space and we are encouraging as much involvement as possible from the people that live in the surrounding areas.

A lot of people from Denaby’s ex-mining community were involved with the site and it had a real DIY vibe to it. As soon as the money started rolling in it was business as usual for Doncaster’s grant monsters and dodgy council types.; Doncaster is an EU ‘assisted’ region that has received a lot of funding over the years, but the usual suspects have made sure that Doncaster residents do not benefit from the millions injected into the region. The closure of the Earth Centre was just one more kick in the teeth for Doncaster residents.

A group of people are meeting at the Earth Centre every Friday at 1pm with the intention of brining it back into the hands of local people. We have spoken with the council and it looks like they are going to let us in next friday for a fruit picking session, just goes to show what a little people power can do.

Some Facts

  • 80% of building materials were either reclaimed or recycled
  • Europe’s largest flat-foot solar installation.1,300m2 canopy containing 250 photovoltaic panels – generating 80,000 KW of electricity per year and would run the systems and the galleries.
  • Conference centre constructed largely from reclaimed materials including telegraph poles, crushed concrete, glass and radiators.
  • A shop and café area
  • 6500m2 black box gallery space conditioned through an underground thermal store called the Labyrinth
  • “Living Machine” sewage treatment plant. A local water treatment system processing all waste water coming from Earth Centre toilets, basins and kitchens, operating entirely through biological reactions, using both bacteria and nutrient-demanding tropical plants in the warmth of a greenhouse.
  • water management system that incorporates rainwater harvesting and the treatment, storage and recycling of water use in irrigation and water features and as a wildlife habitat.
  • 100,000 new trees including 15 acres of willow as well as some ancient woodlands, two rivers and a variety of ecological grasslands and wetlands
  • Demonstrations of organic gardening methods, fruit orchards, willow sculptures, forest and bog gardens, and other flower and sculptural gardens

All this and a pirate ship!

More information about the group and the Earth Centre in general can be found here or email thereismore2lifefolks [at]

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