Parkwood Springs..

Parkwood Springs is an amazing natural ‘wild’ space close to the centre of the city of Sheffield. There is woodland and heath, open parkland, and a range of natural habitats where wild lupins bloom, rabbits run and sparrow hawks hover. There are spectacular views over the city centre, the suburbs and the distant moors of the Peak District.

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Parkwood Springs runs for nearly 1.5 miles from Rutland Road in the south to Herries Road, at Shirecliffe, to the north. It includes Sheffield Ski Village, and leads on to Wardsend Cemetery. The site has a rich and complicated history. It was described in 1819, by the historian Joseph Hunter, as “beautifully clothed with a forest verdure….the ground declining to the River Don”. Two areas of original woodland remain: Scraithwood and Rawson Wood Spring, both classified as ‘Ancient Woodlands’.

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Over the last 200 years, the rest of the woodland has been cleared. Stone, clay and most recently ganister (a very hard rock that used to line furnaces for the steel industry) have been quarried and mined. At present Parkwood Springs is cut in half by a large landfill site, due to close by 2018. Even today, the countryside and views are spectacular. Friends Parkwood Springs want to see the area steadily improved and made more attractive and welcoming. In the long-run, when the landfill site is closed, there is the potential for a unique and world-class country park in the city.

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Members of the Parkwood Springs Steering Group are looking to form a Friends Group for Parkwood Springs, so that more people can get involved. Please come along to the meeting to find out more about Parkwood Springs, and how a Friends Group can help with developments. A Friends Group will help to raise the profile of the Springs, encourage people to use it, and influence how it is improved. There will be opportunities to work on the site, to campaign, and to get to know more about the site, its wildlife and its history.

Parkwood Group, email or there web site at

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