The folly of foolish people..

It has been a week of cunts, racist fuckwits and other low life scum. I had an addiction to Drink and Cannabis, I was taking and making rather crass ill thought out moves , now one is back on form kicking and alive, I wake in the morning full of joy, it has been some years I have smelt the decay of Mother Earth at this time of year, seen her splendour on a early morning. I shall not say where I sat watching the sun rise on the 17th oct 2009, the day of the climate swoop on Ratcliffe Power Station and here I wish the middle class good luck for a change and I very much agree with their actions, all following a strange Friday and now it is over I hope we all can move on. I shall be watching the shadows as they set upon the earth, I missed the sun set last night over Sheffield, so the day of the Great Climate Swoop I shall be going for a urban/bucolic walk with loved ones, my thoughts shall drift to those at  Ratcliffe Power Station and the planned actions and hope the hippy I see within the folly of  foolish people is awoken, embraced and loved. I gather some people had a bit of a shock the other day, think about your moves and what will happen if ill thought out, it has been told if you take and make moves for the right reasons there will be no shit back, if made for revenge or in anger, then you are dealing with some heavy wood and it shall always fuck up. Always do what you do with love and for the greater good of the underclass, not for self gain you will always walk a path  of peace, well I need to go hug some trees glad that’s all over well kind of any one for some anarchism?

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