It’s over..

As the SWP go into free fall, their looming demise nears. It can only be at this stage to watch, if this is what the working class have left?, Anarchists squatting to gain more middle class members, it has to be someone gave them access to where they have been, somehow it seems they do not have the know how or to be frank enough bollocks but at least with Northumberland Road they have realised a truth: no one is that interested. Shame we could not say the same for the SWP as the sectarianism keeps any real fight back against the rise of the BNP/EDL there is one hope in all of this a militant asian youth, who once more kicked their backsides.

The EDL are coming to Leeds as is Nick Griffin to Question Time, outside we shall no doubt have the normal farce of the UAF and other state lackeys, it will be of interest to watch the asian youth give the EDL another kick in, once done they might care to move onto the Middle Class but at least for now the AFED lot in Sheffield have gone back to the gutter where they come from.

I can not see the point in them sending along a mole to an open meeting, other than to find out those involved are more willing to engage with the working class then their purile efforts we have seen here in Sheffield over the last few weeks, and so it should be left to  the militant asian youth to give the far right a good kick in, it should be about time the rest of the working class neither the far right/left and the likes of  AFED offer the underclass nothing.

It is very notable how those involved with the recent squats are not claiming any victory this time round, I might pop along to their party next week, but then I have far better things to with my time than to engage with the middle class.

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