The lost weekend: the joy idleism is freedom..

It is a Friday night following days of ill sleep due to being unwell I was in bed by 8pm, I woke early and decided on a mooch into town, students locked out, man in all night shop with bottle of vodka half drunk, and a lady asleep in a bus shelter she had no knickers all at 4.30am. I love Sheffield, the objective was to walk the Sheffield Canal in the hope of a wicked sunrise, this did not happen but some stunning images, home by 9.30, coffee with wifi by 11.30 images on line, spent a very idle Saturday afternoon doing some html/css, left at 5 bumped into Matty outside the best chip shop in Sheffield, now the new staff intake is rather good looking, a fish butty please love and a walk over to The Heeley Institute.

IMG_0022 by you.

The DAB radio in the pocket, We Funk from Parliament sets the tone mood for the walk over, now goto Record Collector/Rare N  Racy ask for some fucking  Parliament pump up the volume you mothers, or tune into Radio Six Saturday night from six in the night time, it is the Craig Charles funk n soul show, I was grooving and moving to The Singing Knives gig, I get there at 6.30 do some introductions, now is the waiting time.

IMG_0034 by you.

The  The Heeley Institute is a nice little place, but I ponder what those who live over the road from here think of what was coming out of here this October night of a part full moon, one person crying from the impact another myself head banging like a nutter without medication the roof was blown of once more, then I learn the wicked Blue Moon Café are now doing gigs, watch this space plans are already in flow, good food and gigs always work as was so often proven at Matilda, then a hug from the Singing Knives cat, some wine and banter, it was time to go home.

IMG_0060 by you.

Shit the hangover is fucking bad, seems me and drink are going to depart it makes me far to unwell the next day, there was a plan to do a free jam on the flat roof of Portland Works record and film, take some stills, so it was time to move, Café Euro for full breakfast coffee and some wifi then onto the free jam, we set up on the flat roof a wicked October sunshine, cloud formations it takes off, now once more the thought is there what will the people living near think? I hope they was not to angered at the free jam, now you can get stoned of music when done in a group of people 8 of Shiggajon is based in Århus, Denmark playing a wok, an old pipe along with a pan, bells, drums and far too many to list, it takes off, even the clapping at the end becomes a jam, only to be ended by the falling of a chair.

IMG_0135 by you.

We move of the roof do an interview with Shiggajon, so we all now in need of food it has to be the Noodle Bar London Road, I have been before it was rather good, how many erm 12 please poor lass looked a little confused, we order mine is Beef Curry egg fried rice, seven pounds and fifty pence for top quality food and the guest from Denmark seem impressed, the bill is paid back to Portland Works, we hug each other good bye, swap e mails facebook info, I walk back to the city centre stoned of music food love good vibrations then some more radio six, the joy  joy of idleism is freedom thanks to F & J Marshall you’re rather fucking wonderful people and friends, next gig at the Blue Moon Café then?

IMG_0110 by you.

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