We should rejoice in unemployment.

Idleism is not about doing nothing but going with the moment, there is no aim or objective any structure in the formation like the Music of Sun Ra it has to be a free flow, it has to come from within the inner self, your actions are the message you are but a conduect in the form it has to be this way, you are free to as you are told, in idleism we are all the prophets there are no leaders for the idle, it is asked you walk from work to never return, allow yourself to move from what work education has told you, in the detritus of life another man’s rubbish is your treasure, we should rejoice in unemployment.

“Idleism is dark history it is beyond black any from of ideology Idleism is so vast it can not be called a truth it’s above the truth”

Idleism is not from the planet you name as your home as Earth, one has been compelled to be here, so anything i do for this planet is because the master creater of this universe is infroming me, we are all of another dimension we are on this planet we call earth to move forward in Idleism, join us in unemployment the only truth of this universe”

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