The linguistics of etymology of idleism aka the chronicles on the joy of idleism.

If there is another anisometric place in Sheffield it has to be at this time of year in the fall of changing colours, the decay of nature through the Botanical Gardens onto Endcliffe Park someone has carved into the stone the word “peace”, turn left over the bridge keeping left behind the playground here you pass a Mother Oak of 400 years old and onwards the river ambles past on your left. Some time ago the park bench was painted a purple in colour it seemed to work with the dark green lush grass, the multi colours of orange and red of a September.

You pass the stepping stones, behind the Café up the hill in a good sunlight over the fallen leaves of gold, adds a warmth now you are at the pound, the ducks are fat of the bread feeding, you are now near the end of Endcliffe Park over the road onto the next stage, pass the house at the gate, there is a path that goes up words into a small woods, when dry it is of ease under foot in a good winters sunlight it comes alive. Following the path you will be above the trees on your right looking down the dog walkers, bike riders and what the fuck is that jogging about? not idleism.

Walking down towards the road, cross over and keep on there is a brook on your left, this is a short path you have now come to some steps in front of you, cross over the road keep right, on your left is some steeping stones no take the path to the right, there are some very nice 300 year old plus beech trees. Near the end you will come to a couple more, they have been wed, so it is told, for some years, here in their own idleism they stand at the side of the billowing brook, they welcome people to give them a hug.

You will come to yet another road, on your left is some old homes through the trees now on your right is a little playground, often empty, follow the path, you are now at Forge Dam Café it is here Jarvis wrote some of those PULP songs. But forget that, sign that petition on the counter as you order a chip butty and mug of tea, I like mine black, the strange music is the 10p rocking horse, it’s recommended to sit outdoors as it can drive you a little mad. Now rested you can keep on walking, up that little steep path is Forge Dam you just added your name to the petition to get it back to how it used to be.

Walking round the dam, you will go over a little bridge keeping to the right keep on walking oh shit another road cross over now just follow the path it will start to incline, keep on going along the path on your left near the top is some steps, walk up and on your left is more trees and a car park with some wooden tables you will come to a road keeping to the left, you will come to the Llama Farm yes a fucking Llama Farm, say hello now you are at Ringinglow, there is a pub called the Norfolk Arms on the left, the road in front will take you to the other part of the Sheffield Round Walk, or you can walk down the hill into Bents Green.

If you decide you want to go back while at Forge Dam Café then walk back on yourself, now you can go over that stone bridge, down a few steps on your right and walk back that path, but it is recommended you take the tarmacked path with the brook at the right of it, walk along soon on your right there is a little path it will take you to another dam walk along her side on your left you come to steps go down, there is a road walk along pass the houses to there end, there on your left take the path on this side you come back to where you come out of the wood overlooking the tree tops.

Walk up that road a short distance, there are on your right some steps going down, you will now be at the side of another dam, undergoing work to restore her she will be on your left, keep walking towards Shepherds Wheel, you will find yourself on the path of dog walkers bike riders and what the fuck is that jogging about?, the one you looked down on, this will take you back to the Endcliffe Park where you began, now it is recommended you do not do this at a weekend, a weekday is a better time, if you are into idleism then you are free then, also better done in the time of fall in a bright winters sunshine, there is neither any shame in hugging trees.

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