The joy of idleism..(there are no leaders for the free).

It would have been longer if I had slept proper, the first visit to Morehall in a long while on an overcast day was as always special if there is an anisometric place in Sheffield this has to be it and following the revaluations of redmires, another perspective opens up before us.

IMG_0026 by you.

Having not been in a while, the old boat house has now been demolished and seems the sailing club have gone to Underbank. The French beagle understood us better in our northern tongue, the fisherman had his supper sorted then, back to the path we meet two old friends there picking conkers for the 12 kids they foster, a slow and little painful walk up to Bolsterstone, from 1496 to date people have settled here.

IMG_0022 by you.

Walking down into Stocksbridge, we pass the old Miners Arms and fucking Punch Taverns have an application to turn her into four homes, we look for a way in but nowt giving, images of her outside are taken, back to a home she will become with the loss of history and community space, meanwhile on West Street there is an over saturation of pubs, a few cursed words are said.

Passing the homes of the former brick works, with their ornate brickwork the word folly comes back to mind, it was not right to take images as people still live there, we talk with one of those living there and say a thanks for the info.

IMG_0009 by you.

Stocksbridge looms, along with Samuel Fox in the valley looms it seems the current owners Corus are going to close her, the planned redevelopment of the other side has been placed on hold, down the valley at the former Middlewood Hospital we are told of plans to give each house 100 pounds to plant a tree, over the River Don lays empty the former Union Carbide factory part demolished and the plans to build new homes there are still not given to go ahead, just up the road from where we departed to walk up the drive to Morehall is Deepcar, planning consent has been given for 483 homes a new access road, but still no go on opening parts of the Woodhead line.

When one is told my photography is not revolutionary, I would agree but in my idleism and conversations with local people, reading the local papers information is gathered to take action on issues that matter to the people living in The Lower Don Valley, the closing of The Stocksbridge Steel Works will kick the community, the over redevelopment of the area will also be a kick to people living there along with Wharncliffe Woods an area of special scientific interest, no doubt in time applications will made for more homes on the The Stocksbridge Steel Works need we remind you of the ongoing row over the former Claremont House/ Hepworth Refractory, Loxley where the overgrown trees are being cut back are Bovis about to start work?

IMG_0040 by you.

There is no doubt if there was plans to build out at Fox House, up to Castelton a rough guide to what is happening in The Lower Don Valley there would be the middle class up in arms, meanwhile in one of the most unique bucolic sides of Sheffield the people are forgotten along with the violation of Mother Earth these crimes go disregarded. As a social centre opens, it needs to be asked how fucking revolutionary is a free space, would it not better to spend time in Gleadless doing some litter picking? we know of a former pub in a community being targeted by the far right might need squatting.. Looking at the plans for the Social Centre, there are plans to talk about surviving unemployment, setting up of a no-borders group along with Jam making sessions, so it goes on, but in our idleism we do not dream of being the vanguard of the Working Class, there are no leaders for the free.

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