The Folly of self vanity.

North Wales Hospital (Denbigh Asylum) is now a wreck requiring extreme measures to rescue, repair and regenerate it. The sale of the “attractive elements” that could have helped finance rescue of the historic buildings has taken place, and the previous owner has been allowed to get away with a huge profit from all this deliberate destruction at an of 165 years old asylum the following abandonment off 14 years has left this place a ruin, it was no different with the former Middlewood Asylum The West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum aka High Royeds indeed asylums across England.

What are now the historic buildings were constructed with careful craftsmanship from local materials at the expense of the public purse; we should be finding and realising new uses for them, and building on the achievements of the past and giving, giving the community they form a part of another chance to use and enjoy assets that are simply going to waste.

I was an inmate in Middlewood Hospital as she become known, following my emancipation from there, 300 plus others have not had such good fortune, we need only look towards the unmarked mass grave down the road from what is now the former Middlewood Hospital, following my freedom I had reson to visit there, when closed I continued to walk round her grounds, watch as she become a ruin now only three of her buildings stand, the church lays empty.

The grounds and trees have been saved, so the homes that have replaced the former asylum are now enclosed with wonderful landscaped ground along with old mature trees, of course the grand architecture has been lost, what I was privileged to see of Denbigh Asylum reminded me of the crass waist of of our heritage.

“urban and bucolic Exploration is a subject dedicated to the subversion of space via the exploration of local places in which capital is temporarily absent or in which capitalist functionality is suffocated by the presence of the marvellous flora of mother earth. This was the intention for my own expeditions into these places and to publish photographs, to document there loss”

Others have there own reasons for urban exploration, those who knock urban exploration need to understand one fact the old hall of Denbigh Asylum set alight and burned to the ground 2007, has been documented along with other parts of the former North Wales Hospital (Denbigh Asylum) due to the fact people have gone taken a risk if it was not for them this place would have gone in silence as has the former Middlewood Hospital, I can only wish I had a camera when I was walking round, over 78 explorations with a camera have documented parts of Sheffield left to go to ruin, words fail to give across the feeling of the privalage to stand in a time stood still, the only movement is the slow creep of flora growing from the strangest of places.

It angers me that the former Sheffield Town Hall is left, but I have a strange joy that it lays in ruin, it is strange to say the least to stand in The former Claywood Flats as though a plague has removed the occupants and they have fled leaving there belongings, it is much the same with Park Hill, from former cutlery works where the kettle stands on the window sill, to Denbigh Asylum there are indications of there past.

I have told storeys of The former grand old lady that is George Barnsley indeed I have thoughts of going back as for a lot of reasons things fucked up, it is the same for the visit I paid to Denbigh Asylum it was not the joy it should have been, there are wonders still to explored, urban exploration is far more than an ego trip, it is very a joy and privalge forms part of my Class Struggle Anarchism, from the folly that is The Duke of Lancaster, began it’s commercial life operating cruises until about 1966 when she was painted with the British Rail logo and ran the Belfast – Heysham service as a car ferry.

Demand for a car ferry on this particular route dropped and in 1979 the ship was concreted in at it’s final resting place in Mostyn North Wales. Where it overlooks the Dee Estuary to the western end of the Wirral to Liverpool and beyond

Sometime after 1979, The ex-car ferry served as a floating leisure complex and became known to most at the ‘Mostyn fun ship’. The bars were re-opened and the decks became a market, restaurant and cinema, as well as cafe’s and an amusement The ‘fun ship’ closed in the 1980’s and has lay in Mostyn ever since. It has had very little use apart from maybe storing goods for the local market. Nowadays, all access to the ship itself is completely cut off to the public.

There she stands at the side of A548 but it can be seen (and photographed) from a public footpath near by, if you are foolish you can go and tresspass, though the man with the gulf club is someone you would not desire to meet so it has been told, this is part of the adrenalin of it all, hiding in a cupboard as others walk pass who they was I shall never know, my urban explorations have not come to an end just yet, this is just a time out of reflection, what a way to come to time out, it has been a fucking crazy year, there is no need for the negative involved it has left a mark upon what should be joy and a fucking privilege.

Urban Exploration is not a folly neither just an pursuit of self vanity, the risk are simply not worth it just for it it to be anything more, in the last year it has taught me some self realisations, it has to be said there has been visits where it has been rushed, the ego of those involved has placed the safety of myself at risk, in such an environment of ruins as with

Denbigh Asylum time and consideration has to be taken, to gain good images the objective of being there, I need to take time out it has to come to an end placing myself at risk both in a physical along with the physiological, put simply if those who I have been involved take some form of entertainment from seeing another person in distress, disagreement with others, the 18 plus years of friendship comes first in any circumstance I value that friendship above all the pleasure of urban exploration, it is simply more than a folly.

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