Anyone for some ANARCHY?

On the player is Sonic Youth it is that time of year, I dream of napalm in the minds eye there is a very grotesque vision before me, so we have WARP if the sleep deprivation had not kept me awake I might have kicked more into Friday night, The Legend of the Seven Black Tentacles all the hype seems to have some truth to it and of course the tunes was cool it worked though the space was to vast it bounced to much but hay that is a warehouse vibe, the courtyard worked, it should have been turned round mind you, hideout needs you contact if you have a need for space to be creative within, thanks Sheffield Brew Co for the look round.

Onto Park Hill Flats Saturday and the WARP film night, it is a little known thing my love of the brutalist architecture of the legend that is Park Hill Flats, mismanagement it lays empty, and the same fuck ups that is Sheffield seems it could be a long while before she comes to live once more, but as propaganda goes having all those people there, fucking worked, now if what is being said regards the locals then that STINKS and what the fuck was it with the police being the people that kept The Middle Class all so safe from the people who lived there?

We gained access to the parts of the empty landings, that was rather fucking grand to say the least, how I have missed that view of Sheffield from her landings, watch this space, the love afare has been re-awoken, there will be more, but as a come down here are some images of Heathcoates still under demolition, meanwhile there are rumours going round being WARP dose not give you all the privileges you might think another strange weekend in Sheffield and the new batch of students are in town, I love this fucking city rather hope some of them have the balls to go against the grain and seek other parts like a bomb of napalm like is going to drop across the city, meanwhile it is not about letters EDNA though I like the Park Hill Vibe, The Phlegm on The Moor animals moving city’s what more can be said,

On the edge sit, but in this default position that has been taken, you gain more than just polite respect, so it has been the lesson of the weekend, watching the village of Sheffield just reaffirms the anger and hatred, it deepens the thoughts there will be a time when this city RIOTS the streets are fuelled with the rage of The Working Class as the napalm lights up the winter nights, the smell of burning cars, the looted shops burnt to the ground as the we fight to take back this city, for now it has been lost agreed but in time it shall become ours as we move from the projects named council estates, the 120 people not invited to The WARP Film night in there own back yard, we shall remember those who have walked against us our time shall come and because one is polite to you dose not mean I have any amount of fucking respect, I can shake your hand as I know about hypocrisy it has been taught to me by you, I also can say fucking wanker behind your back and mean it, this city is ours and we shall take it back and the following party will pail into significance anything that has gone before as we dance on the ruins of this city, then we shall we build a better world, anyone for some ANARCHY?

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