Ian Bone on Question Time?

Hypocrisy is the greatest luxury for the Middle Class, it is their double standards that have seen the rise in the far right, their untruthfulness is astounding. Anti fascism has not been working for a long time, it has in simple words, often been the middle class hooligans attacking the working class, from Anti Fascist Action to ANTIFA the militants have not seen the decline but the rise of the far right, it is simple, their actions along with fronts like UAF for the Socialist Workers Party, Hope Not Hate, etc. demonise the working class and so it goes on.

We have not seen the decrease but an increase in the openly fascist BNP, so the BBC have invited that RACIST SCUM BAG GRIFFIN onto Question Time, now there is calls for a prohibition on him, Hope not Hate a Searchlight front under the leadership of Nick Lowels, one time member of Alliance for Workers Liberty, those who call for a 2 state solution for Palestine, are very much infiltrated by the state, he did his University education in Sheffield around the same time as his mate from Indymedia was there of course this is just speculation, it is around the same time as Tim Heapel another state flunky was around, the far left / anarchist and far right are very much part of the state.

It is in there interest to fire the flames of racism, it keeps the middle class hooligans attacking the working class, the working class fighting each other, the rise of The BNP is not of coincidence but part of the wider agenda of New Labour, it is known that some time back an active member of the far right in Sheffield was taken under the wing of The State, you only need read there vile blog to ponder why such a blog can stay on line? Ask yourself how can it be the likes of Red Watch stay on line also?

I ain’t into conspiracy, leave that to the likes of Indymedia, and one of there main admin is a former member Alliance for Workers Liberty and one time friend of Nick Lowels both at Sheffield University, Lowels is moved to Searchlight, the other creeps his way into the anarchist inner circles and becomes a main admin for Indymedia of course this is just a fucking concurrence?

The wider agenda of new labour is to make the working class history, to do so it needs to keep the likes of The BNP growing, and encourage the very much infiltrated far left/anarchist to keep calling for the banning of them, once given such powers it will no doubt in time use them to further clamp down on the working class, so when Hope Not Hate tell us it is a victory to have banned the likes of The EDL, we need to ask is this a victory?

Look at how the media often middle class demonise the working class, the same with the far left/anarchist and right, perhaps now is the time to let that RACIST SCUM BAG GRIFFIN onto the BBC, and begin to engage with the working class, but I can only but live in hope that one day we might look further as to why the working class are as they are, as to why there so often failed, fucked over told there nothing but scum? who are the people demonising them? Of course the Middle Class, of whom RACIST SCUM BAG GRIFFIN is one, along with the likes of Nick Lowels, the Indymedia admin, are the middle class we need to make history, there the fucking parasites full of nothing but hypocrisy.

It is simple, I say let RACIST SCUM BAG GRIFFIN speak, along his side should be Ian Bone, this is the very means we expose the far right, and the middle class where they have come from, of which racism plays a part in keeping them is there social privalge and our class fighting itself, it is no use us shouting racist at our own, demanding the state ban them it plays into the agenda of the far right and of course the middle class it is fucking simple but obvious to point out the facts, we need to build a active and militant working class neither do we condone the racism sexist bullshit of the working class, we engage with them.

When I was asked some time back about New Labour. need I remind people, how the left told the working class to vote New Labour in 1997, how they told anarchist such as myself we was being nieve a little crass, to state the fucking obvious fact that they are a bourgeois party, therefore do not vote, as they will not represent the interest of the working class, look towards how they have moved from there so called Socialist past, into the party who have attacked the working class from 1997, and each election we are told vote labour with no illusions, if not vote for the likes of The SWP front Socialist Alliance, and to my shame I was involved here in Sheffield, watched how the scum of the SWP took it over, another possibility fucked over by the vanguard Trotsky party, the same as with the Stop The War Coalition, I watched from the inside the sectarianism of the vanguard Trotsky party at work, another mass movement turned into a fucking joke.

As all this has been going on we have seen fuck all from the so called anarchist, they have nothing but shame to bring to the table, there right to condone myself for being involved with poplar fronts agreed, but at least I put my politics forward instead of shouting abuse from the fucking sidelines, attacking my class for whom they find themselves being, I have nothing but contempt for the far left and anarchist you have failed the working class, continue to do so when you say RACIST SCUM BAG GRIFFIN should not speak on Question Time, agreed this turns him into more of a media celebrity, instead of saying Ban the racist fascist SCUM BAG GRIFFIN we might like to look at this as an opportunity, I joke not when I say we should place Ian Bone on the same fucking platform, what a better person to stand up for the working class and anarchism.

Hear we have a very real opportunity to stand up and engage with the working class, we need to take this moment, that has been given, not join in the courus of abuse saying ban the far right, there is no need, if we have faith love and respect for our class, then we need not react to our fear of freedom, social change but embrace our anarchism, the desire is born from what is seen everyday of the working class, agreed you would not want to take Ian Bone to meet your mother, (well some would not my mother fucking loves him) joking aside, I say we e mail, write, phone and hold protest till we have Ian Bone on Question Time taking on that SCUM BAG GRIFFIN now that would be worth watching.

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