The one thing the Left in Britain is strong on is it’s complete lack of faith in the working class.Of course they are theoretically bound to the proletariat as a concept – but you wouldn’t want your daughter to marry one. Most people on the organised Left  – including many anarchists – think the working class are brutish, racist, gullible and therefore……….they must not be allowed to hear what the BNP has to say because the gullible idiots might agree with it! Of course the SWP/UAF are the worst examples of this – as complete enemies of the capitalist state they are the first to call for it to issue bans and proscriptions on its opponents…even when they have been elected by working class people. Griffin is as entitled to be on Question Time as George Galloway – in fact representing more votes than the apologist for Islamisism. The question the Left needs to answer is why Griffin got those votes in the first place – but that would lead to a far too painful bout of self-examination.

So expect the usual leftist kneejerk call for Griffin to be barred from Question Time and the workers in their millions to flock to the BNP after the programme. God help us in what leftist idiots they’ll put on the programme against him. He’s far more likely to run into trouble from someone from the populist right rather than the organised Left.Who do we reckon would really take him apart – Kelvin McKenzie or Tariq Ali? Though Bob Crow v Nick Griffin – that’d be worth a look if Crow could ditch his antedeluvian politics but keep the patter!  Don’t forget – it’ll be a high risk strategy for Griffin if someone lands a few telling blows on him or better still makes him look like a twat it could be over and out.

There is a need to have the fascists were we can see them and hear them, this allows us to deal with what they have to say and defend our views to the working class.If they don’t have a platform then we wrap them in this sinister shroud, which gives them this kudos with some white working class people, kudos which as we know is bullshit, but also allows people like searchlight to hype tiny little groups into small armies.

It comes back to this trouble is it could lead to Griffin becoming one of those must have political raconteurs that blight the news from time to time. Breakfast Time, Newsnight, Sky News he could be all over the place by fucking Xmas, read this.

The British National Party’s continuing electoral advances have propelled the party onto the national stage and initiated a debate about why it is achieving historically unprecedented results for the far right in Britain. What is driving its recent successes, how might it be stopped and what is the role of the left in this effort? This debate is essentially over strategy: about our relation to anti-fascism and what it ought to be in today’s conditions. There is one question that is not being asked, though: is ‘anti-fascism’ the answer to the BNP? Keiron Farrow says it isn’t.

At climate camp the Middle Class imposed a no racist no sexist rule, it was only Vegon, and this is what outreach to the Working Class? The BNP and the far right are erm right in one fact The Left/Anarchist are a fucking  joke our class laugh at them often, as long as the continue to fail the Working Class we can only but see a rise in the far right, let Griffin on and lets start to expose them for what they are, when the rats have gone back under ground then we begin to deal with them, through force as it stands we have to re-think how we deal with them, no matter how hard this might be for the few anti Anti-fascism isn’t working..

# notes some text nicked from Ian Bone.

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