The Stocksbridge Railway.

Samuel Fox bought a disused corn mill close by the centre of the town Stocksbridge (Nr Sheffield) in 1842 and made alterations so that he could produce wire for the manufacture of textile pins. Within 6 years the business began to manufacture wire for umbrella frames and he developed his own variant, the “Paragon” in 1851. Expansion continued and by the mid 1860s furnaces and rolling mills had been built and the production of railway lines and springs begun.

Road transport in the area was difficult and with larger products being manufactured a new outlet was required. In the 1870s a short branch line was built to link the works with the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway at Deepcar. This was known as the Stocksbridge Railway which was a subsidiary of the main company until the early 1990s. The line is still open (2006) and handles regular traffic to and from the works.

The Stocksbridge Railway was a subsidiary of Samuel Fox and Company and linked the company’s works at Stocksbridge, near Sheffield, South Yorkshire with the main line of the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway at Deepcar.

The line was opened in 1876 and became a subsidiary of the steel company, under various ownerships, until 1992 when it ended its separate existence.

Passenger services on the line commenced on 14 April 1877, making use of the bay platform of Deepcar station, to a platform in Stocksbridge, on the edge of the works complex. The service ceased in 1931.

This is very much still live and become the old Sheffield to Manchester line i have walked the line from the former Sheffield Victoria a long time ago, this was a shourt walk from Station Road Deepcar right into Stocksbridge Steel works, takeing in the former sub station for old when the line through the Pennines, known as the ‘Woodhead Route’ after the long Woodhead Tunnel on it which was electrified for freight purposes after World War II.

Onto the Sub Station:

Going in The Steel Works.

More images from my walk and of the former Sheffield Victoria Station This is of course hard on foot, and a live line but it is walked upon often..

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