What I believe to be true is more real to me than what I am told is the truth.

Truth is subjective to those telling it, likewise history is also subjective, ive had no formel teaching my school has been life, it has been from people I have encountered along with the mistakes I have made, now if my Grandfather was around as the ill winds of change blow idd be in deep debate and conversation with him, he was very much an Anarchist I watched him pass on from this life in pain.

Dignity had left him, he was not stooping in that hospital, I was not as his funeral I was not a person of such hypocrisy it was my Mother who desired such bullshit, I did as I told him the last time we hugged each other, tears in our eyes, he was a man of serious integrity reduced to a person of nothing he had his fucking dignity taken, just as our class have had there pride taken.

He would agree with my perspective we do not enter into a war with ourself s, this is the very aim and objective of racism it moves our anger to each other, I have no time for making my class victims, enforcing there ignorance through my actions, I have no desire to be at war with them, the only war that is of interest to myself is the class war, where we make the middle class history, now before it is said I desire there annihilation, that is another un-truth, I desire a society with out class.

This is what my Grandfather taught me, a world without class, is one of anarchism it returns the dignity and pride back to the working class, so when the middle class tell us the lies there is an equilibrium in immigration, to say anything other is fucking racist, just ask yourself where is there any fucking equality in the current imagination it dose nothing but polarise, I desire a city of sanctuary for all, a city where we can celebrate the diversity of life, gain from the culture of others, but this will never happen, until we smash the class system, it will keep our class divided in continued disagreement with itself, the current class system serves not the interest of the working class, the middle class have plenty to fear when our class begin to say lets make them history.

This is the war I desire to fight, I do not have time to become involved in a war with my own class, and this is where we begin to gain back there trust, this is how we smash the rise of the far right, not through direct conflict with them, such a war has no gain for us the working class, but plenty for the real ignominy of the working class is racism, the middle class are the same ignominy of our class , I refuse to stand shouting meaningless slogans at people gathering in a field, to endorse the call for the banning of protest, it plays into the hands of the far right, it gives the state the very power to ban us next time round.

It can not be made clear enough, we should not give time to false idles of our class, there forked tong of truth is of course subjective, what I believe to be true is more real to me than what I am told is the truth from such false prophets there interest is self evident.

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