Some urban paranoia then..(if you have a lesson to teach me)

I hope my doubts are proven not right regards this article, I have an idea of who wrote it and there reasons for doing so are crass in the least, we folded underclassrising as a political front decided it was the end of the day that pampering to the far right far left and anarchist was just self indulgent attention seeking for us, also them we desire neither, the fact indymedia have not removed said article proves an ongoing point there is no desire to publish the truth but what is to be expected if you look into who are involved, there urban paranoia speaks for itself.

There are a multitude of thoughts/paranoia about the sudden rise of the far right how much the Secret State is involved, who is working for them and so forth, but we negate one serious fact in all of this the self indulgent politcal fronts are just that, there no real threat to the status quo so when the middle class play the game of propaganda along with hype over there plans for this years climate camp it just that, the same with the far right, now we have the farce of Hope Not Hate calling for bans, and getting them, and we need to remember what sect Nick Lowes was active with when he was a student in Sheffield, yes Alliance for Workers Liberty, the same sect an indymedia administrator was active in at the same time, in fact he was good mates with him. The banning of protest is just what the far right want and there right in this respect if you are for liberty and freedom then banning them is not liberty and freedom it is what there about.

No liberty and freedom is about debate having a conversation with people you disagree with, we agree no platform but as it stands now such arguments are crass if somewhat a little false, at the end of the day it is all propaganda lies misinformation, just as this article is and the comments made following, Mark Mozaz Wallis has no administrate for indymedia, I have not been active with any politcal fronts, I dislike them as much as those adding the comments also I very much disagree with them been hidden, the whole article should be hidden, because if read you would understand it is nothing more than disinformation, if you look at the IMC Moderation list you will find ive had articles and comments hidden often.

Those involved with underclassrising have moved on, perhaps CAF along with others need to also move on, all they have done is fed the urban paranoia of people, there is nothing constructive or positive about there actions, just more idle gossip it would be right and proper to ask them to substantiate there rant, with names of people, I know indymedia would remove such an article agreed, but there are blogs, so if there is any truth in this article then I also ask they stand up to be counted, freedom of speech is fine but when the dumb are given such rights here is where it ends.

Those who have no active involvement are placed at risk other than getting all hyped up, latter thinking what the fuck was I doing at such an event, such a meeting, it was nothing more than vanity and self importance if I was to be asked in the cold light of day.

If  I was asked about the rise of the far right, it just the same as the far left anarchist and those involved with climate camp, there concerns are real agreed but it is nothing more than self indulgent attention seeking for there own weakness, it is the working class they proclaim to be the vanguard off are the very people there attacking, one is openly classiest because the middle class offer nothing to the working class, one is anti racist as I will not attack my own class for the problems of capitalism of which immigration is, I welcome diversity constructive debate and critique but you are not going to get such with any of the self proclaimed vanguard of the working class, they offer us nothing but a continuation of the same shit, I desire true freedom and liberty.

If  CAF and others understand there politics a little more, you would understand one fact the birth of the current political climate was from real concern over the very real rise of the far left in The 1930 this is where the state began to infiltrate, it had some real and just concerns, such an active political movement was not what they desired even wanted, it had plans of there own, and the way things are you can not speak of the truth because following these events, to be openly critical raise doubts over events and the specture of truth or debate, you are under suspicion of being a person you are not, it is the same when the working class ask raise doubts about the lack equilibrium over immigration, there told there racist, time again I have pointed out the lack of synergy in the arguments of the far left and time again they have attacked the working class, when one off that class has a clear understanding of the politics of there own class struggle, why the state needs an underclass, the omnipresent word paranoia looms it,s ugly fucking head, has it not been worked out, urban paranoia, pretentious artist collectable anorak.

I have a clear understanding of the class struggle where I stand in the current order, lets all play master and servant, well some of you might desire the continuation of the current order, as a person who has read and talked also understand the nature of where we are, it nothing more than self indulgent attention seeking, a real threat to the state of things would be a self organised militant working class, for a while we had class war, but here is not the debate of where it fucked up but issue 73 was about right, all we have had from then to now is the far left in 1997 telling us vote Labour with no illusions

Some had no fucking illusions and was calling for a no vote, as a protest agreed, but there has been moments in history where there has been real opportunity of building a real class struggle from the 1930,s to the Poll Tax riots of 1991 and the following day The riots of Strangways, in this year we remember the grate strike of 1984, in the face of opportunity the far left have sold the working class out, now you fucking ponder why they are going to the far right, we might agree on fact there racist scum, we will disagree on this fact they have some real bollocks, now we might disagree more? there telling the truth of where life in the current order is at for the working class, now agreed we never been good at been told we might have got it wrong from 1930 to the present the left have offer nothing but fucking subjugation to capitalism.

The simple truth CAF is the state has always infiltrated those who are in opposition to it, if they can not infiltrate then they spread lies and misinformation, through people like yourself, you have offered nothing constructive to the table, in fact I rember not giving you an invite, all you have done is create more urban paranoia and misinformation there is nothing constructive in your article at all, one is open to debate and conversation, this said only with people who are willing to understand we need a self organised militant working class, ready for the real class war where we make the middle class history.

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