The former site of Williams Brothers Sheffield July 09:

The former site of Williams Brothers, vacated in 1997 when the company moved to a new address. The place is pretty gutted except for a few safes, a smashed TV and a chair covered in pigeon shit, upon the first view that is but there is more

Williams Fasteners, was founded in 1870 by the Williams brothers, and was based at Green Lane in Shalesmoor in Sheffield until 1997. The company then relocated to the outskirts of Sheffield near the M1 to make distribution easier The signs on the outside say it made screws, nails and the likes. Now it is empty and derelict.

So we do the inside all cool, access a bugger mind you there gose the days of walking in then? then we get to the roof there was another aim objective for this little exploration, then voices and fucking chavs from a local homeless project over the road, we hope they do not work out the aim of what we was doing? any how it would have been rude not to take some images while there would it not so here we go..

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