Tramlines some observations:

One local resident wishes to make known their disbelief at this weekend’s Tramlines Music festival, the effect had on him and no doubt others living around the area.There have previously been loud music events on Devonshire Green several years ago but none since the redesign of the green, and these weren’t half as loud either.

They live in a flat overlooking Division Street about 250 yards from the edge of Devonshire Green/ The Forum on Devonshire Street, even at this distance the music could be heard inside my flat at a volume similar to if they had the TV on. This was from Sunday afternoon until 9pm with the windows closed and was comparable to being immediately outside a nightclub.

The impression they get from speaking to neighbours is that Saturday was even louder than this. There experience was that when the music stopped on Sunday evening on the Green it signalled the beginning of a further 4 hours of music only this time thumping out of a packed Frog & Parrot pub, a few yards from where they live.

They attempted to go to bed just after midnight but had to give up on that idea while the venue kept going until 1.20am and the last live band finally stopped. The volume level was turned up even louder for the last hour, as it was on Saturday night from all accounts. When they ventured outside around 12.30am, the Frog & Parrot had become the main focal point of the area and there was lots of people milling around outside and some were shouting, etc. The music filled the street and obviously into many of our homes at a volume rarely ever heard on a Friday or Saturday night, never mind on what is usually a fairly quiet Sunday.

This weekend of activity may have boosted elements of the local economy but at what expense? Apart from residents being subjected to a 24hr total of nuisance out of little more than a 36hr period (late morning Saturday until after midnight Sunday/Monday); this short term gain for the local economy is surely outweighed by hospital admissions from alcohol misuse – either via A&;E over the weekend or long term impact on health – from creating an environment where people feel encouraged to drink more than usual and for longer than they can handle.

As well as this aspect of being a drain on resources funded by the taxpayer, there are other costs to the locality which come out of the Council Tax budget – the police’s efforts to keep the area safe, for example.

They feel that it was irresponsible to put on a festival of this nature in an area that already witnesses widespread alcohol related problems from its bars and nightlife. They don’t know what else to say except to ask whether the organisers had any consideration ahead of time as to what consequences there could be and what impact it might have on people’s lives, or what is just to go ahead with it and see what happened?

This is abridged copy of a e-mail complaint regards Tramlines Music Event hold over the weekend of 25-27 July 2009:

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