The Ian Tomlinson murder copper had previous

The Ian Tomlinson murder copper had previous allegations which should have barred him from the Met. He was accused of a road rage attack but left the Met before disciplinary action could be take. Some years later he re-joined the Met without his previous disciplinary being discovered and then transferred to the TSG. One continuous stream of lies and deceit in the case.

The officer has been questioned under caution by investigators from the Independent Police Complaints Commission on suspicion of manslaughter after he was caught on film striking and pushing over Tomlinson. The 47-year-old newspaper vendor died shortly afterwards. A first postmortem indicated he had died of a heart attack, but Tomlinson’s family demanded a second examination, which identified internal bleeding as the cause of death.

The IPCC, which is investigating the death of  Ian Tomlinson, is aware of the situation about the officer’s past, as is Scotland Yard. Both declined to comment officially while the investigation into the death was continuing.

The week befor Police floated imposter theory over Ian Tomlinson‘s death at G20 protests A senior police officer who investigated the death of Ian Tomlinson told his family that the officer who struck him at the G20 demonstrations could have been a member of the public “dressed in police uniform”, it emerged last night.

The City of London police investigator made the comment at an emergency meeting with Tomlinson’s family and the Independent Police Complaints Commission on 8 April, hours after the Guardian released footage showing the attack on the 47-year-old newspaper vendor.

“….we may return to the issue of “specialist” officers such as the TSG and FIT at a later time.”
From an email received from the Home Affairs Committee after it was suggested that the ‘untrained & inexperienced’ excuse was rather thin considering:

1. Bronze Commander Chief Superintendent Alex Robertson was on Cornhill in contact with Gold Commander (Commander Bob Broadhurst) during the deadly assault on Ian Tomlinson at the Cornhill end of Royal Exchange Buildings.

2. Highly trained CoL Police dog handlers were using dogs as weapons against non-violent protesters (despite guidelines on their use) on Threadneedle Street and against Ian Tomlinson during the deadly assault.

3. The ’Activist experts’ of the FIT (at least 5, including PCs Alan Palfrey and Steve Discombe) were present at the deadly assault on Ian Tomlinson, yet did not intervene to prevent the assault (despite knowing IT was not a ’face’), and did not make a statement about being witnesses until AFTER the official line (heart attack, no contact with police) had been demolished.*

4. The public order specialists of the TSG were in the thick of it – the IT hitter was TSG, the Climate Camp was TSG, the ‘FIsher hitter’ was a TSG sergeant, etc; in fact once things got fruity, only the full time riot cops of the TSG (Level 1s) and the well-trained volunteer riot reservists (Level 2s) were on the frontline – yer standard untrained, really-rather-not-be-there cops-given-a-helmet-and-shield (Level 3s) were pulled back.

So it will be interesting to see if the HAC really does investigate the bullshit or not – and especially whether it intends to pursue the matter of command and doctrinal responsibility.

* Note also that the ‘Fisher hitter’ TSG sergeant, suspended whilst being investigated for 2 assaults including Nicola Fisher is ex-FIT, and had been on FIT duties on 1st April

Thursday 2 July we here news of the pathologist who said Ian Tomlinson died of natural causes at the G20 protests has been suspended from an official government register and is under two separate investigations into his professional conduct, it emerged today.

Freddy Patel, who conducted the first postmortem into Tomlinson which found he died of a heart attack, has been removed from the Home Office register of accredited forensic pathologists pending an inquiry, amid concern into whether he has breached regulations.

His suspension means he is barred from undertaking any further postmortems in “suspicious death” cases.

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