Sharrrow Festival 2009:

Sharrow Festival turned out sunny again despite predictions of rain all week the day went well and the rain held off to allow everyone to have a great day in Mount Pleasant park. The festival was really well attended with 2 music stages, a hip-hop zone, kids play area a bouncy castle and slide, a mechanical bronco, craft, theatre, dance and circus workshops, craft stalls, clothes stalls, henna tattoos and loads of great food a teat tent and a coffee stall. Music included Blues, Reggae, Qawwali, African Drumming, Italian Rap and more.

Right at the end some muppets tried to start a brawl but it got shut down by by the police and the only shower of the day. The message is clear don’t start trouble at the Sharrow festival you get rained on.

The shower and the trouble passed and the folk that stayed were treated to a fantastic finale by Robert Maseko and his Congo beat.


2008 Sharrow Festival was awesome, despite the white Middle Class and their over drinking to excess, seems their search for oblivion come back this year, we left early due to vibe going very ugly around 5.30 as we left we noted some people why we was going, some people in The Community do not drink as they’re Muslim, we noted a lot of people other than just this group of people was displaced from going down to the area with music, due to the drink and we have to say drugs, the white Middle Class like to speak of inclusive diversity, not only Islam teaches us the wrong of western culture and selfish values, anarchism also informs us of this, it was not anarchy but just ignorance rudeness disrespect to come to an event and get wasted in the way a few did it ruined our day and we have no doubt speaking to olders and others before we left it did much the same for a lot more people.

Anarchism is more than just seeking nihilism, and likewise if you understand nihilism and hedonism it is far more political than your crass selfishness you once again displayed.

An Anarchist from Sharrow:

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