High Marnham Power Station:

High Marnham Power Station is a former coal-fired power station currently undergoing demolition. It is located in Nottinghamshire, to the west of the River Trent, just south of the village of Dunham. It was the most southerly of three power stations which lined the River Trent, the others being West Burton and Cottam. The station was opened in 1959 and had a generating capacity on 945 megawatts

The station closed in 2003 after nearly 45 years in operation, with a loss of 119 jobs.The station’s chimneys were demolished on 15 December 2004. The station’s 150 feet (46 m) high boiler house was demolished on 5 October 2006.The station’s five cooling towers still stand.

Onto some Images then:

What a better way to spend a day of from editing images and film, driving around in a Jag Never Mind The Bollocks The Sex Pistols pumping out, and oh erm a man coming at you with a plank of wood shouting get of my land, when I saw him reach for something I thought gun, camera at the ready but all it was a plank of wood, all for a derelict farm house only us only us..

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