BNP Griffin Shows Signs Of Cracking (and we’re not just talking egg-shells)

Prick Griffin has attacked the police for not doing their duty when he was pelted with eggs yesterday (though we have to admit that we’re also a bit miffed with the plod for failing to arrest the BNP boot-boy who attacked an innocent bystander). As leader of a gang of former streetfighters Griffin can’t really complain about “hostile mobs”, but some of his comments were rather enlightening…

“I think it’s very sad that a hostile mob which is partly paid for by taxpayers and backed by Labour and the Conservatives is allowed to get away with mob violence on the streets of Britain in 2009.”

So if, like any sane person, you do not agree with the vile, hate-filled BNP then you’re part of a joint right-wing/left-wing conspiracy against Nick Griffin’s BNP which is partly paid for using public money. Hmm, sounds to us  like Griffin’s feeble mind is losing touch with reality.

And as for “using public money”, Griffin has just joined the biggest abusers of public funds in Europe. So who’s paranoid piggy snout is in the trough now?

Nick Griffin (Pic:MENS/DM)

The Faces of Griffin, hypocrite and madman

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