Denaby Main Colliery:

Denaby Main Colliery Village, situated between Mexborough and Conisbrough in South Yorkshire, was the original name given to the village built by the Denaby Main Colliery Company to house its workers and their families. This name was used to distinguish it from the village of “Denaby”, situated about 1 km. away on the road to Hooton Roberts and Kilnhurst, which, from that time, became known as “Old Denaby”. In due course the “Colliery Village” part of the name was lost, leaving the village to be known as “Denaby Main”.


Around 1700 poor quality coal was found, close by the surface, just over the River Don from Mexborough and this, in time, led to the sinking of two shafts, in 1863, for Denaby Main Colliery Company, owned by Messrs Pope and Pearson. The Barnsley bed was reached in September 1867 at a depth of more than 422 yards. In 1893 the company also opened out Cadeby Main Colliery.

Around the time the miners were reaching the Barnsley bed the colliery company began building housing to accommodate its workers and their families. A church, schools and a store were also company owned. The company pub, The Denaby Main Hotel, (locally known as “The Drum”) is one of the few properties from that era still standing. However It is now (2008)a Balti restaurant.

The layout of the village was pure ‘Industrial Revolution’, parallel streets of terraced houses running away from the Mexborough to Conisbrough road which ran through the village, with, in its centre the library and park. It was possible from almost every street to look down to the colliery.

What is left is the former Bath House, nothing much left, but grand in scale, and no human shit (lol)

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