and that will be it till 6th june:

The dog canute are playing, so waddle down to the Shakespeare (just off West Bar / Sheffield) on Saturday June the 6th 2009. Three bands / three squid. The Doggies play their second gig with new bassist (old mate) Simon (no barfing!) Barfield, 16 Hooves are sheffield based drums/guitar 2-piece comprising nick (dog canute, midnight choir) and bleek (kevorkian solution, war ethic) mini-album for release soon. check out our track featuring captain beefheart guest vocals.will shake y spine till it turns to whine

Meanwhile Silent Front actually aren’t very silent at all!

Prepare to be filleted and possibly basted in a psilocybin sauce (with a conscience!).¬† Calling all do-gooders of Sheffield! After you’ve salved your empire guilt¬† for this year by going down to ‘Peace in the Park’ stroll along to the Shakespeare where ‘chilling out’ will be banned, though they are say the can provide ear plugs.

Words from

and racist you can fuck right off, back to lowedges..

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