So why is it that the BNP seems to be seen as an acceptable vote?

So why is it that the BNP seems to be seen as an acceptable vote, either as a protest against the main parties, or because they ‘offer something the other parties don’t to the man in the street’ and ‘are prepared to talk about immigration’? What about the fact that the BNP advocate sending home anyone who has not got a white British heritage? What about the fact that the BNP is on record stating that the holocaust was not a deliberate genocide but more the fact that the Nazis’ shot 50 locals for every soldier killed and this makes up the c6m murdered in WWII? What about the fact that the BNP associate with the KKK in the USA, ultra-right groups from across Europe and neo-nazi groups closer to home?

What about the fact that beneath their suits and smile, beneath the hard work done for older people in their front gardens in target seats, beneath the local issues fought on, from planning applications to saving playing fields, the BNP are right wing fascists who think that people who have a different skin tone are second class and have no right to live here.

How do people who think the BNP is a valid protest vote, or ’speaks for them on issues’, sleep at night? How do they contemplate putting a cross in the box of a party that would send ‘home’ anyone who was of a different race in an effort to recreate a Britain of 1914?

Nick Griffin and the BNP praise the work of the Waffen SS in the Second World War, they associate with Nazis in Europe, they deny aspects of the holocaust, they campaign against Islam and Judaism and wrap themselves in the flag of our country pretending that they are fighting some apocalyptic battle to save Britain. They are really a party that beneath the veneer is a party of hatred and intolerance, feeding on people’s insecurities and fears to paint a picture of a land where the indigenous population are ’sacrificed’ by a government more interested in promoting foreign values. This is a myth and a lie.

In 1998 Nick Griffin said “I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that six million Jews were gassed and cremated and turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion also once held that the Earth was flat … I have reached the conclusion that the ‘extermination’ tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie, and latter witch-hysteria”

Early in 2008 the BNP distributed a leaflet in the north west of England, where Griffin will head the BNP list in the European elections, which claimed Muslims were responsible for 95% of the heroin trade.

In 1997 Nick Griffin produced Who are the Mindbenders? Adapted from a US Nazi publication of the same name, it claimed to prove that the minds of British people are brainwashed through Jewish control of the media. The booklet included a list of all known Jews working in the media as though they were working together for a joint cause. He claimed to prove Jewish control of the BBC by naming a mere 19 Jews who work for the corporation.

There are undoubtably debates that need to be have about immigration to a small island nation, these can be had without reference to colour or creed. It is common sense that there should be a debate with Europe over how those fleeing horror at home are looked after and settled in safety and it is important that we never erode the reputation of our country as a safe haven to those who flee terror and murder. It is not good enough that people are willing to consider voting BNP just because they feel that the debate on immigration has not been given airtime by the Far left and Anarchist, and like the rest of there Middle Class friends tell us the White Working Class it is racism to talk about such concerns.

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