Sheffield: City of skeletons:

The author, Owen Hatherly, took a walk around the city for the magazine’s Urban trawl feature and the resulting article and follow-up blog post are well worth a read. Eyebrows have been raised in the past in response to some of Sheffield’s planning decisions and buildings, however Owen recognises that our examples of post-war, modernist architecture are actually mostly better than what London has to offer.

That blight (as some name it ) on our skyline Park Hill is due to mismanagement from The former Labour Stalinist, who instead of taking care of what makes Sheffield Grate decided to enter a grand battle royal with the former Conservative government of Thatcher and Major, so by 1991 this city was in crises, so we got the Student Games and  at the time of these games there was lots of opposition about whether it was a good idea or not for Sheffield Council to get in so much debt in order to hold these games. Looking back we think it was a good decision as it gave us Sheffield Arena and Don Valley Stadium etc these things are at the heart of Sheffield’s more popular developments. now we really think it help put Sheffield on the map, which gave us in turn Medowhell,  this said all that the former ruling Labour concill got involved become a disaster, why we have left the so called blight on our skyline that is Park Hill:

I agree ‘one of the great buildings of the century, anywhere – a truly astonishing architectural achievement’ along with much of what is said in this article, the credit crunch has done us one big favour stopped for now Serverstone, now we need to look into (some are) getting what would have been demolished by Hammerson listed, placing an end to there assumption that what we need is mono culture, no what we need is to look at refurbishing, recycling those buildings such as the former Fire Station Wellington Street Sheffield, with thought an ideal hotel perhaps?

Sheffield Fire Station 1980s by sheffdave.

Sheffield Fire Station, Carver Street / Wellington Street in the 1980s. Work was commenced in August 1983 & it was opened in August 1986

With the car park next door becoming a new integrated public sq? Over the road of the former wonderful now wasted Trafalgar Works, a new build of challenging architecture, perhaps move on accommodation for the city homeless, increased due to the mismanagement of the former housing stock, The former NUM a refurbishment into a youth centre?

The closing and pedestrianisation of Division Street Devonshire Street, interrogating The Moor, reopening the shops on there, and renting them out on a cheep rent for local artist, little masters?

Bringing more culture and diversity in to city, perhaps the demolition of the Grovner house hotel, or just refurbishing it for the markets, this allowing the demolition of the current ones, and opening of the ruins of Sheffield Castle under them, creating a new inner city park, and the now listed former co-op is used for as little masters spaces for artisans, artist, crafts people etc.. The former Old Town Hall / Sheffield Crown Courts turned into a nightclub? And one last thing any thoughts on the former now empty BHS, where above used to be rebels night club..

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