The Telegraph’s guide on MPs on the make:

1. “Flipping”. MPs are able, apparently without question, to switch their designated “second home” from one property to another, and sometimes back again, to enable them to carry out extensive renovations or buy household goods for more than one property.

2. Property ladder MPs spend thousands of pounds doing up flats or houses, charging the taxpayer for repairs, then sell them on for a profit. Some then repeat the process.

3. Free food MPs can claim up to £400 per month for food without a receipt. Some MPs put in monthly claims for that amount – even when the Commons is not sitting.

4. Keep it in the family A room in a relative’s house or in a private members’ club is nominated by the MP as their “main family home”, allowing them to claim money from the taxpayer on another address, which is often more substantial than the “main” home and is the residence of their spouse and children.

5. Doubling up A group of MPs can each claim the full monthly rent on the same property, so that the taxpayer forks out more than once on the same address.

6. Letting In a similar practice, one MP can claim back the mortgage interest on a property while letting out the same address to another MP, who then claims back the rent on expenses so that the taxpayer foots the bill at least twice over.

7.CGT MPs avoid capital gains tax if they sell their second home by telling HM Revenue and Customs the property they are selling is their main home – even if they have told the Commons authorities that it is their second home.

8. Hunt the goods MPs have bought household goods for their “second homes” under the ACA scheme, but had them delivered to their primary homes.

9. Non-existent mortgages Lax checks have allowed some MPs to claim mortgage interest payments on homes where, in fact, the mortgage has already been paid.

10. Council tax MPs have claimed back the full rate of council tax on properties when they were actually paying the discounted single-occupant rate.

MP’s expenses are a freeloaders charter. It makes you wonder why they need a salary, given that their lifestyles are already fully funded.

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