Tramlines is comeing to the City Center:

While we perambulate variety, we walk but as so many Ghosts or Shadows in it, that itself being but the Umbrage of the Unity.

The pretence of the little people in the village was becoming tiresome, what did they know about culture, we are the voice of there morality, we inform them of right and wrong, we steel there culture, then re packaged we sell it back to them.

The form we call it has many definitions,at the end of the day it is all about consumption buying into a dream, we create a market package for the little people of the village, on there greens we shall dance, place the word free, and the brain dead shall come, mix in a little rebellion, so we get the not so brain dead name it a festival of music celebrating the city’s music heritage:

If those anarchist, realise the truth of our actions we shall name as paranoid, cynical there ill, if this fails we shall make out it is nothing more than envy, that is there motivation for reading between the lines, if all else fails then we know as all working class people they will have fucked up sometime in life, here we have them on history and reputation.

There are either with us or against us, now if they are against then they must be terrorist of some kind, there form of revolution is not what we desire, of course we expose the truth of capitalism while looking radical and that we give a shit, but at the end of the day, this is about our forthcoming albums due in September, we give a shit about the music heritage of Sheffield, not due to fact we give a shit, it is all about product.

The idea behind Tramlines was simple. Take over a weekend, fill the whole of Sheffield with music and showcase the energy and diversity of the Sheffield Music Scene.

It was a simple idea which the musical godfathers of Sheffield took up with a passion. Matt Helders, Jon McClure and Toddla T – signed up immediately and got to work bullying the musical industry into supporting Sheffield – the music city. And so on the last weekend of July – the city of Sheffield will be filled with music. Every local band worth seeing – who isn’t on tour will be there. The curators musical friends and family will be putting on a show. And to top it all – with the generous support of the council and Hallam FM, there will even be a massive outdoor stage on Devonshire Green.

The enthusiasm was infectious – and attracted outside help – the global legends Ibiza Rocks jumped on board, the massive music website Drowned in Sound and Camden Crawl aficionados – Adventures in The Beetroot Field also signed up. So with a boat load of peer pressure and the generous support of Sheffield City Council and our sponsors, Tramlines was born.

And best of all – it is free for everyone. July 24th – July 27th – its completely free and will be on all over the city.

Come gather you little people, the brain dead are more than welcome, if you are free thinking see the wider picture, have to many questions to ask, point out facts we sooner not listen to then can we be polite in our fuck off, we desire not your kind, not in my back yard, of course if you was to ask to put 5000 plus people in our backyard we would of course we would object.

It’s naive to think economics doesn’t drive our cultural ideals. Religion, politics, education, housing, our work-lives and all our personal relationships are tainted, influenced and animated by the harsh merciless hyper-capitalist culture we have long accepted as the proper natural order of a free society. Greedily we accept this way of living, desperately we protect it despite the fact we live in an openly cruel, unjust, & blatantly unequal society. Time and time again we fly in the face of anthropological reason & cling by the skin of our non-NHS dentures to capitalism only to be left wondering why we feel so disenfranchised, disillusioned, and not to mention fuckin’ miserable all the time.

Capitalism is like so many other ideologies; an illusion dressed up as common-sense logic. Just as a whore wears make-up to hide the scars of intolerable hardship, this country hid its blemishes with cheap credit, anti-working-class propaganda, and manic-consumerism. If you are wondering why your country has deserted you in the seventh circle of job-centre-plus, just know it’s the natural order of the political system which endorses the soulless new-age religion of over-consumption and glorification of tat and bullshit over substance and truth. If you are facing hardship it’s because of capitalism, not in spite of it, not due to the greed of a few, but due to the greed of entire nations. Your poverty is necessary to the rich. Boom and bust’s a must. You are expendable, obsolete, and easily silenced. Do you really think otherwise? Do you really think those in power care? And more to the point, who do you think has the power? The banks? The politicians? The media? The multi-national corporations?

Now fuck of with your complaint, we know better and what is good for you welcome to Tramlines, it is free, what more do you desire next you will be asking for revolution..

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