Tramlines and the Irony is not lost on us:

THE city that brought the world Pulp, Warp Records and Arctic Monkeys will host a new music festival this summer. Sheffield – Music City will run from July 22 to 26 with a range of indoor and outdoor performances and workshops. People can listen to music everywhere, from a small bar to a wide open space. Isn’t it ridiculous that a musical city like Sheffield hasn’t got anything happening on the same sort of scale as our geographical neighbours Nottingham and Leeds have with Dot To Dot and Live At… respectively?

Tramlins Sheffield

That’s what a number of the city’s promoters and artists (including Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders, ‘Reverend’ Jon McClure and Toddla T) concluded, and thus decided to come together to organise an event showcasing Sheffield’s hottest talent, as well as a range of leading cross-genre acts from around the country.

The result is Tramlines, which will take place across the city between July 24th-26th this year, there will be a weekend main stage on Devonshire Green plus a big screen in the Peace Gardens, workshops and dancing in Barker’s Pool, and specialist markets on Fargate and Devonshire Green.

We attended the press launch at The Bowery Bar and grabbed more ten minutes with some of the players, there was propaganda on the tables with little nibbles, champaign at the bar, bitching behind people backs and then polite hand shakes with the people they had just slagged of.

Tramlins Sheffield by you.

This is the state of play in Sheffield’s village, do not get us wrong because we do not own a Pulp record dose not mean non respect, neither do we own a Toddler T record and would ask just who the fuck is James O Hara?

The first time we watched The Arctic Monkeys, we liked them said stadiam rock and left them to it, there is more to Sheffield Reverend and the Makers, and emerging DJ Toddla T, all have interesting things to say about the state of play in Sheffield today.

But likewise so do people like Freenoise, who for us should contact the organiser and say yer right you want something and give it to then double loaded, another good idea rubbished by the likes of Exposed and Hallam FM

Tramlins Sheffield by you.

The moment you begin to place the commercial into music, you get The Human League and don’t you want me baby, as Jarvis has said the last 2 albums of Pulp was not a joy but a pain, when something music becomes this then time to walk of stage exit left, as we have often done, we are the people that brought you and so fourth, we did it because we love it not for the ego.

“I was recently quoted,” he begins with a heavy sigh, “as saying that a Conservative government is now necessary. What I meant, of course, was a necessary evil. It’s not like we have much of a choice any more, is it?”

He had grown disillusioned with New Labour long ago, “but I had hoped Brown would have brought something to the party that Blair didn’t.” He smiles thinly. “He has certainly done that, but it can hardly be called an improvement. Gordon Brown is dull, crushingly so, and that’s the very worst thing that can be said about anyone. Given what has happened to the economy this past year, I’d advocate an uprising, nothing short of a revolution. We should take to the streets in protest.”


Sometime back, we bounced back with Matilda 190 gigs and for us all blinding all successful because there was no agenda, but our own, we was doing this because we loved music, the vibe of a dirty down trodden and often cold venue, but when the likes of c90 come in and kicked of an old school rave, DJ Scotch Egg with his game boy made the plaster fall of the wall, it took us back to The Limit The Halcyon days of Sheffield Music where The Beat was the Law.

You can never repeat the Maples or The Early Days of  The Leadmill, The round the block queue for Radical Dance Faction at The Hallimshire, and we would not desire to, but neither do we want more shit, and we hope we are proven wrong with Tramlines, all we can say is watch this space:

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